Ruth 4
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1And Baaz came up and he sat down at the gate of the city, and behold, the Avenger passed by about whom Baaz had spoken, and he said to him: “Come, sit here!” But he said to him, “What is it?” And he sat down with him 2And he chose for himself ten men from the Elders of the city and sat them with him 3And he said to the Redeemer of Inheritance: “Namei has sold to me a division of the field of our brother Alimalek 4And I said that I would reveal it and I would inform you and I would say to you, “Purchase you before these who are seated, and I am one who told my soul to speak and to purchase before these Elders of my people who are seated, and now, if it is that you will redeem it, redeem it, and if you will not redeem it, tell me and I shall know that you are not the Redeemer and I shall redeem it, and he said, “I will redeem it” 5And Boaz said: “On the day when you buy the field from Namei, purchase Ruth the Moabitess the wife of him who died, until you raise up the name of the dead for his inheritance” 6And the Redeemer said: “I am not able to redeem it, lest I would destroy my inheritance. You redeem it, because of the lack of my confidence, I am not able to redeem it”

7And behold, to establish this redemption before the children of Israel and the exchange of redemption, a man looses his shoe and he gives it to his companion, and this is a testimony in Israel 8And that Redeemer said to Baaz: “Purchase it yourself”, and he loosed his shoes from his feet 9And Baaz said to the Elders and to all the people: “You are witnesses today that I have purchased everything that was Alimalek’s and everything that was Malyun’s and Kalyun’s from the hand of Namei 10And you, Ruth the Moabitess, the wife of Malyun, I have taken you for myself as a wife to raise up the name of the dead for his inheritance, that the name of the dead will not be forgotten, that the memorial of the dead will not be forgotten from among his brethren and from his family, you are witnesses today” 11And the Elders and all the people who were at the gate of the city answered, and they were saying: “We are witnesses”, and they blessed him and they said to him: “May LORD JEHOVAH make this woman before you as Rachel and like Leah, for the children of the house of Israel are of these two, and he made an army in Ephrata and called its name Bayth Lekhem 12And may your house be as the house of Pharets, he whom Tamar had borne to Yehuda, and may LORD JEHOVAH give to you seed from this woman!”

13And Baaz took Ruth and she was his wife, and he entered in union with her, and LORD JEHOVAH gave to her and she conceived and she bore a son 14And the women were saying to Namei: “Blessed is LORD JEHOVAH who has not caused a Redeemer to fail today, and you shall call out his name in Israel 15And he will be a comforter to your soul and a sustainer to your city, because your daughter in law who loves you bore to him, she who is better in your eyes than seven sons!”

16And Namei carried the boy and she laid him in her lap and she was a nursemaid to him 17And her neighbors said: “A son is born to Namei”, and they called his name Ubid; he is the father of Iyshay, the father of David

18And these are the generations of Pharets: Phares begot Khetsrun 19Khetsrun begot Aram, Aram begot Aminadab 20Aminadab begot Nakhshun and Nakhshun begot Shala 21And Shela begot Baaz and Baaz begot Ubed 22And Ubed begot Iyshay, and Iyshay begot David the King [23] The book of Ruth is finished.

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