Zephaniah 3
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1Oh, famous city and the redeemed city of Yonan!

2Because she did not listen to the voice and she did not receive instruction, and in LORD JEHOVAH she did not hope and to her God she did not come near

3Her Princes within her roar like lionesses and her Judges are like evening wolves and do not wait for morning

4Her Prophets act lewdly and are evil men, and her Priests have defiled the Holy Place and they have done violence to the Law

5And LORD JEHOVAH within her is righteous and he does no evil at dawn, and at dawn he gives his judgments in the light, and he is not slack, and the evil one knows no shame

6I have destroyed the nations and misery was brought forth; I wasted their streets from lack of any passing through their desolate cities, from lack of a man and from lack of an inhabitant

7I have said, ”You shall worship me, also of me you shall receive instruction, and anything that I have commanded concerning her will not be destroyed from her eyes; they prepared her and they approached and they have corrupted all their strategies

8Therefore wait for me, says LORD JEHOVAH, until the day that I rise for a testimony, because my judgment has arrived to gather the nations and to bring the kingdoms to pour upon them my anger and all the heat of my passion, because all the Earth shall be consumed in the fire of my zeal

9And then I shall return upon the nations the chosen language, that all of them will call in the Name of LORD JEHOVAH, and they shall serve him in one yoke

10From the crossing of the rivers of Kush they shall bring me sacrifices

11In that day you shall not be ashamed of all your schemes that you did wickedly against me, and then I shall remove from you the strength of your pride, and you shall magnify yourselves against the mountain of my holiness no more

12And I shall leave within you the poor people and the meek, and they shall hope in the Name of LORD JEHOVAH

13And those who were left from those of the house of Israel shall do no evil, and they shall not speak falsehood and it shall not be found in their mouths, because they shall feed and they shall lie down and they shall have none molesting them

14Sing, daughter of Zion, and blow the trumpet, Israel. Be glad and rejoice with all your heart, daughter of Jerusalem

15LORD JEHOVAH has removed your judgments and he has removed your enemies from you. The King of Israel, LORD JEHOVAH, is within you. You shall not see evil again!

16In that day it will be said to Jerusalem: “You shall not fear!” and to Zion: “Your hands shall not be weak!”

17LORD JEHOVAH your God within you, the Mighty Man and The Savior, he shall sweeten you in joy and he shall make you new in his love, and he shall make you dance with a song as that in the day of a feast!

18And I shall remove from you those who have been speaking reproach against you

19Behold, I make all of them as humble within you in that time, and I shall save her who is oppressed, and her who is afar off I shall gather, and I shall make them a name and a praise in every land of their disgrace

20In that time I shall bring you and in that time I shall assemble you and I shall give you The Name and The Glory in all the nations of the Earth when I turn back your captivity in their sight, says LORD JEHOVAH.

The Peshitta Holy Bible Translated
Translated by Glenn David Bauscher
Glenn David Bauscher
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