Psalm 127
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A Solomonic Song of Ascents

God’s Blessing in the Family

1Unless the LORD builds the house,

its builders labor uselessly.

Unless the LORD guards the city,

its security forces keep watch uselessly.

2It is useless to get up early

and to stay up late,a

eating the food of exhausting labor—

truly he gives sleep to those he loves.

3Childrenb are a giftc from the LORD;

a productive womb, the LORD’sd reward.

4As arrows in the hand of a warrior,

so also are childrene born during one’sf youth.

5How blessedg is the man whose quiver is full of them!

Heh will not be ashamed

as they confront their enemies at the city gate.

a 127:2 Lit. delay sitting
b 127:3 Lit. Sons
c 127:3 Lit. heritage
d 127:3 The Heb. lacks LORD’s
e 127:4 Lit. sons
f 127:4 The Heb. lacks born during one’s
g 127:5 Or happy
h 127:5 Lit. They

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