1 Chronicles 1:1
Parallel Verses
King James Version
Adam, Sheth, Enosh,

Darby Bible Translation
Adam, Seth, Enosh,

World English Bible
Adam, Seth, Enosh,

Young's Literal Translation
Adam, Sheth, Enosh,

1 Chronicles 1:1 Parallel
Geneva Study Bible

Adam, {a} Sheth, Enosh,

The Argument - The laws comprehend both these books in one, which the Grecians because of the length, divide into two: and they are called Chronicles, because they note briefly the history from Adam to the return from their captivity in Babylon. But these are not the books of Chronicles which are mentioned in the books of the kings of Judah and Israel, which set forth the story of both kingdoms, and later perished in the captivity, but an abridgement of the same, and were gathered by Ezra, as the Jews write after their return from Babylon. This first book contains a brief rehearsal of the children of Adam to Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and the twelve patriarchs, chiefly of Judah, and the reign of David, because Christ came from him according to the flesh. Therefore it sets forth more amply his acts both concerning civil government, and also the administration and care of things concerning religion, for the good success of which he rejoices and gives thanks to the Lord.

(a) Meaning, that Seth was Adam's son, and Enoch was Seth's son.

Scofield Reference Notes

SCOFIELD REFERENCE NOTES (Old Scofield 1917 Edition)

Book Introduction

The First Book of The Chronicles

The two books of Chronicles (like the two books of Kings) are but one book in the Jewish canon. Together they cover the period from the death of Saul to the captivities. They were written probably during the Babylonian captivity, and are distinguished from the two books of the Kings in a fuller account of Judah, and in the omission of many details. The blessing of God's earthly people in connection with the Davidic monarchy is probably the typical significance of these books.

First Chronicles is in three parts:

I. Official genealogies, 1.1-9.44.

II. From the death of Saul to the accession of David, 10.1-12.24.

III. From the accession of David to his death, 13.1-29.30.

Excluding the genealogies (Ch. 1.-9.) the events recorded in First Chronicles cover a period of 41 years (Ussher).

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