Romans 12
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1I entreat (exhort, call from close beside) you therefore, brothers, through the compassions (pity) of God, to present (stand close beside) your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, well-pleasing, which is your reasonable sacred service. 2And do not be conformed to (identified with the outward mold /form/expression) this age, but rather be transformed (transformed after being with) by the renewing (completing the process of making fresh/new) of your thinking (mind, reasoning), for your proving what is the will of God- the good (intrinsically good), and acceptable (well-pleasing), and perfect (full-grown, consummated).

3For I say through the grace having been given to me, to everyone that is among you, not to be high-minded (high notions, overly proud) above (from beside of) what it behoves (what is proper, what must happen, what is absolutely necessary) you to be minded (thinking, understanding); but think so as to be sound-minded (safety-minded, sober outlook, think shrewdly, safety regulated for proper control, temperate from the diaphram), as to each God has apportioned (distribute as properly needed) a measure of faith. 4For as in one body we have many members and not all the members have the same function; 5So we, the many, are one body in Christ and each one members of another. 6And having differing (different, varying, surpassing, excellent) gifts (charismata- free grace-endowments) according to the grace having been given to us: and if prophecy, according to the proportion (analogous reasoning, moving from one point of comparison to the other) of faith; 7and if service (waiting on table), in the service; and if the one teaching (causing to learn), in the instruction; 8and if the one exhorting (entreating, encouraging, urging), in the exhortation (entreaty, encouragement, urging); the one giving (sharing, imparting, give a share of), in simplicity (not over-complicated/needlessly complex); the one leading (pre-standing, a well-established character that provides the needed model to direct others), in zeal (swiftness to show zealous diligence, speed on); the one showing mercy, in cheerful readiness.

9Let love be genuine (unhypocritical), abhorring (detesting) the evil (toilsome, pain-ridden, emphasizing the misery that always go with evil); cleaving (glued together) to the intrinsic good. 10As to the friendly affection of brothers (brotherly love) be kindly affectionate as if family (a lover/friend of family, a devoted love shown by family members) unto one another; esteeming (to go before- as a leader, prefer) one another in honor (paying respect, valuing, according worth); 11In zealous diligence, not delaying as if reluctant-lazy-indolent; in spirit, being fervent (bubble over because hot enough to boil); serving (serve as a slave having willingly given governing over) the Lord. 12In hope rejoicing (being glad in grace); in tribulation (pressure that hems in, what constricts, compresses, distresses, afflicts, persecutes, confines) enduring (bearing up/remaining under); in prayer, be prevailing (persist in showing steadfast strength). 13Have a share in the necessities (useful needs) of the saints (set apart ones), earnestly pursue hospitality (friendly love to strangers).

14Bless (reason well of, confer what is beneficial) those persecuting (hunting you down) you, bless and do not curse (doom). 15Rejoice (glad for grace) with those rejoicing, weep (mourn aloud, expressing uncontainable grief) with those weeping; 16Be of the same thinking unto one another, not thinking lofty (highly), but carry along with (condescend to) the lowly (humble, low-lying, lowly in position or spirit). Be not wise (intelligent, prudent, sensible, practically wise) in yourselves (of your own estimation/conceit). 17Give back to no one bad (rottenness, inner malice, foulness) for (over against) bad (kaka), providing forethought for (think/plan before, showing necessary forethought to act properly) winsomely good (kala- attractively good) things before all men. 18If possible, as far as it depends on you, be at peace with all men; 19Never avenging (dispense justice, vindicate) yourselves, beloved, but give place (offer opportunity) to His wrath; for it has been written, “Vengeance (avenging) is mine, I will recompense (give in return, pay-back fittingly), ” says the Lord. 20But rather if your enemy should hunger, feed him; if he thirsts, give him drink; for doing this, you will heap (load) charcoals of fire upon his head. 21Be not overcome by the bad (kaka), but rather overcome the bad (kaka) in the intrinsically good (agatho).

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