Genesis 33
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1And Jacob lifts up his eyes, and looks, and behold, Esau is coming, and with him four hundred men; and he divides the children to Leah, and to Rachel, and to the two maidservants; 2and he sets the maidservants and their children first, and Leah and her children behind, and Rachel and Joseph last. 3And he himself passed over before them, and bows himself to the earth seven times, until his drawing near to his brother,

4and Esau runs to meet him, and embraces him, and falls on his neck, and kisses him, and they weep; 5and he lifts up his eyes, and sees the women and the children, and says, “What [are] these to you?” And he says, “The children with whom God has favored your servant.” 6And the maidservants draw near, they and their children, and bow themselves; 7and Leah also draws near, and her children, and they bow themselves; and afterward Joseph has drawn near with Rachel, and they bow themselves. 8And he says, “What to you [is] all this camp which I have met?” And he says, “To find grace in the eyes of my lord.” 9And Esau says, “I have abundance, my brother, that which you have, let it be for yourself.” 10And Jacob says, “No, please, now if I have found grace in your eyes, then you have received my present from my hand, because that I have seen your face, as the seeing of the face of God, and you are pleased with me; 11please receive my blessing which is brought to you, because God has favored me, and because I have all [things]”; and he presses on him, and he receives [it],

12and says, “Let us journey and go on, and I go on before you.” 13And he says to him, “My lord knows that the children [are] tender, and the suckling flock and the herd [are] with me; when they have beaten them one day, then all the flock has died. 14Please let my lord pass over before his servant, and I lead on gently, according to the foot of the work which [is] before me, and to the foot of the children, until I come to my lord, to Seir.”

15And Esau says, “Please let me place with you some of the people who [are] with me”; and he said, “Why [is] this? I find grace in the eyes of my lord.” 16And Esau turns back on that day on his way to Seir; 17and Jacob has journeyed to Succoth, and builds a house for himself, and has made shelters for his livestock, therefore he has called the name of the place Succoth.

18And Jacob comes safe [to the] city of Shechem, which [is] in the land of Canaan, in his coming from Padan-Aram, and encamps before the city, 19and he buys the portion of the field where he has stretched out his tent, from the hand of the sons of Hamor, father of Shechem, for one hundred kesitah; 20and he sets up there an altar, and proclaims at it God—the God of Israel.

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