Hosea 3
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1And YHWH says to me: “Again, go, love a woman, loved of a friend, and an adulteress, like the loved of YHWH, the sons of Israel, and they are turning to other gods, and are lovers of grape-cakes.” 2And I buy her for myself for fifteen pieces of silver, and a homer and a lethech of barley; 3and I say to her, “You remain many days for Me, you do not go whoring, nor become anyone’s; and I also [am] for you.” 4For the sons of Israel remain without a king for many days, and there is no prince, and there is no sacrifice, and there is no standing pillar, and there is no ephod and teraphim. 5Afterward the sons of Israel have turned back, and sought their God YHWH, and David their king, and have hurried to YHWH, and to His goodness, in the latter end of the days.

Literal Standard Version
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