Hosea 4
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1“Hear a word of YHWH, sons of Israel, "" For a strife [is] to YHWH with inhabitants of the land, "" For there is no truth, nor kindness, "" Nor knowledge of God in the land;

2Swearing, and lying, and murdering, "" And stealing, and committing adultery—have increased, "" And blood has touched against blood.

3Therefore the land mourns, "" And every dweller is weak in it, "" With the beast of the field, "" And with the bird of the heavens, "" And the fishes of the sea—they are removed.

4Only, let no one strive, nor reprove a man, "" And your people [are] as those striving with a priest.

5And you have stumbled in the day, "" And a prophet has also stumbled with you in the night, "" And I have cut off your mother.

6My people have been cut off for lack of knowledge, "" Because you have rejected knowledge, "" I reject you from being priest to Me, "" And you forget the Law of your God—I forget your sons, I also!

7According to their abundance so they sinned against Me, "" I change their glory into shame.

8The sin of My people they eat, "" And to their iniquity lift up their soul.

9And it has been, like people, like priest, "" And I have charged on it its ways, "" And its habitual doings I return to it.

10And they have eaten, and are not satisfied, "" They have gone whoring, and do not increase, "" For they have left off taking heed to YHWH.

11Whoredom, and wine, and new wine, take the heart,

12My people at its staff asks and its rod declares to it, "" For a spirit of whoredoms has caused to err, "" And they go whoring from under their God.

13On tops of the mountains they sacrifice, "" And on the hills they make incense, "" Under oak, and poplar, and terebinth, "" For good [is] its shade.

14Therefore your daughters commit whoredom, "" And your spouses commit adultery, "" I do not see after your daughters when they commit whoredom, "" And after your spouses when they commit adultery, "" For they with the harlots are separated, "" And with the whores they sacrifice, "" A people that does not understand kicks.

15Though you [are] a harlot, O Israel, "" Do not let Judah become guilty, "" And do not come to Gilgal, nor go up to Beth-Aven, "" Nor swear, YHWH lives.

16For Israel has turned aside as a stubborn heifer, "" Now YHWH feeds them as a lamb in a large place.

17Ephraim is joined to idols, leave him alone.

18Sour [is] their drink, "" They have gone whoring diligently, "" Her protectors have thoroughly loved shame.

19Wind has distressed her with its wings, "" And they are ashamed of their sacrifices!”

Literal Standard Version
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