Isaiah 63
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1Who [is] this coming from Edom? With dyed garments from Bozrah? This that is honorable in His clothing, "" Traveling in the abundance of His power? “I, speaking in righteousness, mighty to save.”

2Why [is] Your clothing red? And Your garments as treading in a winepress?

3“I have trodden a wine vat by Myself, "" And of the peoples there is no one with Me, "" And I tread them in My anger, "" And I trample them in My fury, "" Their strength is sprinkled on My garments, "" And I have defiled all My clothing.

4For the day of vengeance [is] in My heart, "" And the year of My redeemed has come.

5And I look attentively, and there is none helping, "" And I am astonished that there is none supporting, "" And My own arm gives salvation to Me. And My wrath—it has supported Me.

6And I tread down peoples in My anger, "" And I make them drunk in My fury, "" And I bring down their strength to earth.”

7I make mention of the kind acts of YHWH, "" The praises of YHWH, "" According to all that YHWH has done for us, "" And the abundance of the goodness to the house of Israel, "" That He has done for them, "" According to His mercies, "" And according to the abundance of His kind acts.

8And He says, “Surely they [are] My people, "" Sons—they do not lie,” and He is to them for a Savior.

9In all their distress [He is] no adversary, "" And the Messenger of His Presence saved them, "" In His love and in His pity He redeemed them, "" And He lifts them up, "" And carries them all the days of old.

10And they have been rebellious and have grieved His Holy Spirit, "" And He turns to them for an enemy, "" He Himself has fought against them.

11And He remembers the days of old, "" Moses—his people. Where [is] He who is bringing them up from the sea, "" The shepherd of His flock? Where [is] He who is putting in its midst His Holy Spirit?

12Leading by the right hand of Moses, the arm of His glory, "" Cleaving waters from before them, "" To make to Himself a continuous Name.

13Leading them through the depths, "" They do not stumble as a horse in a plain.

14As a beast goes down into a valley, "" The Spirit of YHWH causes him to rest, "" So You have led Your people, "" To make to Yourself a glorious Name.

15Look attentively from the heavens, "" And see from Your holy and beautiful habitation, "" Where [is] Your zeal and Your might? The multitude of Your bowels and Your mercies—Are they restrained?

16For You [are] our Father, "" For Abraham has not known us, "" And Israel does not acknowledge us, "" You, O YHWH, [are] our Father, "" Our Redeemer from the Age, [is] Your Name.

17Why cause us to wander, O YHWH, from Your ways? You harden our heart from Your fear, "" Turn back for Your servants’ sake, "" The tribes of Your inheritance.

18For a little while Your holy people possessed, "" Our adversaries have trodden down Your sanctuary.

19We have been from of old, "" You have not ruled over them, "" Your Name is not called on them!

Literal Standard Version
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