Micah 7
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1My woe [is] to me, "" For I have been as gatherings of summer-fruit, "" As gleanings of harvest, "" There is no cluster to eat, "" The first-ripe fruit has my soul desired.

2The kind have perished out of the land, "" And upright among men—there are none, "" All of them lie in wait for blood, "" They each hunt his brother [with] a net.

3On the evil [are] both hands to do [it] well, "" The prince is asking—also the judge—for repayment, "" And the great—he is speaking the mischief of his soul, "" And they wrap it up.

4Their best one [is] as a brier, "" The upright one—than a thorn-hedge, "" The day of your watchmen—Your visitation—has come. Now is their perplexity.

5Do not believe in a friend, "" Do not trust in a leader, "" From her who is lying in your bosom keep the openings of your mouth.

6For a son is dishonoring a father, "" A daughter has stood against her mother, "" A daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law, "" The enemies of each [are] the men of his house.

7And I—in YHWH I watch, "" I wait for the God of my salvation, "" My God hears me.

8You do not rejoice over me, O my enemy, "" When I have fallen, I have risen, "" When I sit in darkness YHWH is a light to me.

9I bear the indignation of YHWH, "" For I have sinned against Him, "" Until He pleads my cause, "" And has executed my judgment, "" He brings me forth to the light, "" I look on His righteousness.

10And my enemy sees, "" And shame covers her, "" Who says to me, “Where [is] your God YHWH?” My eyes look on her, "" Now she is for a treading-place, "" As mire of the out-places.

11The day to build your walls! That day—removed is the limit.

12That day—even to you it comes in, "" From Asshur and the cities of the fortress, "" And from the fortress even to the river, "" And from sea to sea, and mountain to mountain.

13And the land has been for a desolation, "" Because of its inhabitants, "" Because of the fruit of their doings.

14Rule Your people with Your rod, "" The flock of Your inheritance, "" Dwelling alone [in] a forest in the midst of Carmel, "" They enjoy Bashan and Gilead as in days of old.

15“According to the days of your coming forth out of the land of Egypt, "" I show it wonderful things.”

16Nations see, and they are ashamed of all their might, "" They lay a hand on the mouth, their ears are deaf.

17They lick dust as a serpent, as fearful things of earth, "" They tremble from their enclosures, "" They are afraid of our God YHWH, "" Indeed, they are afraid of You.

18Who [is] a God like You? Taking away iniquity, "" And passing by the transgression of the remnant of His inheritance, "" He has not retained His anger forever, "" Because He delights [in] kindness.

19He turns back, He pities us, "" He subdues our iniquities, "" And You cast all their sins into the depths of the sea.

20You give truth to Jacob, kindness to Abraham, "" That You have sworn to our fathers, from the days of antiquity!

Literal Standard Version
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