Nahum 1
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1Burden of Nineveh. The Scroll of the Vision of Nahum the Elkoshite.

2A God zealous and avenging [is] YHWH, "" An avenger [is] YHWH, and possessing fury. An avenger [is] YHWH on His adversaries, "" And He is watching for His enemies.

3YHWH [is] slow to anger, and great in power, "" And YHWH does not entirely acquit, "" In a windstorm and in a storm [is] His way, "" And a cloud [is] the dust of His feet.

4He is pushing against a sea, and dries it up, "" Indeed, He has made all the floods dry, "" Bashan and Carmel [are] languishing, "" Indeed, the flower of Lebanon [is] languishing.

5Mountains have shaken because of Him, "" And the hills have been melted; And the earth [is] lifted up at His presence, "" And the world and all dwelling in it.

6Who stands before His indignation? And who rises up in the heat of His anger? His fury has been poured out like fire, "" And the rocks have been broken by Him.

7Good [is] YHWH for a strong place in a day of distress. And He knows those trusting in Him.

8And with a flood passing over, "" An end He makes of its place, "" And darkness pursues His enemies.

9What do we devise against YHWH? He is making an end, distress does not arise twice.

10For while princes [are] perplexed, "" And with their drink are drunken, "" They have been consumed as stubble fully dried.

11From you has come forth a deviser of evil "" Against YHWH—a worthless counselor.

12Thus said YHWH: “Though complete, and thus many, "" Yet thus they have been cut off, "" And he has passed away. Though I afflicted you, I afflict you no longer.

13And now I break his rod from off you, "" And your bands I draw away.”

14And YHWH has commanded concerning you, "" “No more of your name spreads abroad, "" I cut off carved and molten image from the house of your gods, "" I appoint your grave, for you have been vile.”

15Behold, on the mountains the feet of one proclaiming tidings, sounding peace! Celebrate, O Judah, your festivals, complete your vows, "" For the worthless no longer pass over into you, "" He has been completely cut off!

Literal Standard Version
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