Psalm 41
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1TO THE OVERSEER. A PSALM OF DAVID. O the blessedness of him "" Who is acting wisely to the poor, "" In a day of evil YHWH delivers him.

2YHWH preserves him and revives him, "" He is blessed in the land, "" And You do not give him into the will of his enemies.

3YHWH supports [him] on a bed of sickness, "" You have turned his bed in his weakness.

4I said, “O YHWH, favor me, "" Heal my soul, for I sinned against You,”

5My enemies say evil of me: When he dies—his name has perished!

6And if he came to see—he speaks vanity, "" His heart gathers iniquity to itself, "" He goes out—at the street he speaks.

7All hating me whisper together against me, "" Against me they devise evil to me:

8A worthless thing is poured out on him, "" And because he lay down he does not rise again.

9Even my ally, in whom I trusted, "" One eating my bread, "" Made the heel great against me,

10And You, YHWH, favor me, "" And cause me to rise, "" And I give repayment to them.

11By this I have known, "" That You have delighted in me, "" Because my enemy does not shout over me.

12As for me, in my integrity, "" You have taken hold on me, "" And cause me to stand before You for all time.

13Blessed [is] YHWH, God of Israel, "" From age to age. Amen and Amen.

Literal Standard Version
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