Isaiah 27:8
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New American Standard Bible
You contended with them by banishing them, by driving them away. With His fierce wind He has expelled them on the day of the east wind.

King James Bible
In measure, when it shooteth forth, thou wilt debate with it: he stayeth his rough wind in the day of the east wind.

Darby Bible Translation
In measure, when sending her away, didst thou contend with her: he hath taken her away with his rough wind in the day of the east wind.

World English Bible
In measure, when you send them away, you contend with them. He has removed them with his rough blast in the day of the east wind.

Young's Literal Translation
In measure, in sending it forth, thou strivest with it, He hath taken away by His sharp wind, In the day of an east wind,

Isaiah 27:8 Parallel
Barnes' Notes on the Bible

In measure ... - This verse in our translation is exceedingly obscure, and indeed almost unintelligible. Nor is it much more intelligible in Lowth, or in Noyes; in the Vulgate, or the Septuagint. The various senses which have been given to the verse may be seen at length in Vitringa and Rosenmuller. The idea, which I suppose to be the true one, without going into an examination of others which have been proposed, is the following, which is as near as possible a literal translation:

In moderation in sending her (the vineyard)

Away didst thou judge her,

Though carrying her away with a rough tempest

In the time of the east wind.

The word rendered 'measure' (סאסאה sa'se'âh) occurs nowhere else in the Scriptures. It is probably derived from סאה se'âh, "a measure;" usually denoting a measure of grain, containing, according to the rabbis, a third part of an ephah, that is, about "a peck." The word used here is probably a contraction of סאה סאה se'âh se'âh literally, "measure by measure," i: e., "moderately," or in moderation. So the rabbis generally understand it. The idea is 'small measure by small measure,' not a large measure at a time; or, in other words, moderately, or in moderation. It refers, I suppose, to the fact that in inflicting judgment on his people, it had not been done with intolerable severity. The calamity had not been so overwhelming as entirely to cut them off, but had been tempered with mercy.

When it shooteth forth - This expression does not convey an intelligible idea. The Hebrew, בשׁלחה beshallechâh - literally, "in sending her forth," from שׁלח shâlach "to send," or "to put forth" - refers, I suppose, to the fact that God had sent her, that is, his vineyard, his people, forth to Babylon; he had cast them out of their own land into a distant country, but when it was done it was tempered with mercy and kindness. In this expression there is indeed a mingling of a metaphor with a literal statement, since it appears rather incongruous to speak of sending forth a "vineyard;" but such changes in expressions are not uncommon in the Hebrew poets.

Thou wilt debate with it - Or, rather, thou hast "judged" it; or hast punished it. The word ריב riyb means sometimes to debate, contend, or strive; but it means also to take vengeance 1 Samuel 25:39, or to punish; to contend with anyone so as to overcome or punish him. Here it refers to the fact that God "had" had a contention with his people, and had punished them by removing them to Babylon.

He stayeth - ( הגה hâgâh). This word means in one form "to meditate," to think, to speak; in another, "to separate," as dross from silver, to remove, to take away Proverbs 25:4-5. Here it means that he "had" removed, or separated his people from their land as with the sweepings of a tempest. The word 'stayeth' does not express the true sense of the passage. It is better expressed in the margin, 'when he removeth it.'

His rough wind - A tempestuous, boisterous wind, which God sends. Winds are emblematic of judgment, as they sweep away everything before them. Here the word is emblematic of the calamities which came upon Judea by which the nation was removed to Babylon; and the sense is, that they were removed as in a tempest; they were carried away as if a violent storm had swept over the land.

In the day of the east wind - The east wind in the climate of Judea was usually tempestuous and violent; Job 27:21 :

The east wind carrieth him away and he departeth;

And, as a storm, hurleth them out of his place.

Isaiah 27:8 Parallel Commentaries

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Cross References
Isaiah 50:1
Thus says the LORD, "Where is the certificate of divorce By which I have sent your mother away? Or to whom of My creditors did I sell you? Behold, you were sold for your iniquities, And for your transgressions your mother was sent away.

Isaiah 54:7
"For a brief moment I forsook you, But with great compassion I will gather you.

Jeremiah 4:11
In that time it will be said to this people and to Jerusalem, "A scorching wind from the bare heights in the wilderness in the direction of the daughter of My people-- not to winnow and not to cleanse,

Ezekiel 19:12
'But it was plucked up in fury; It was cast down to the ground; And the east wind dried up its fruit. Its strong branch was torn off So that it withered; The fire consumed it.

Hosea 13:15
Though he flourishes among the reeds, An east wind will come, The wind of the LORD coming up from the wilderness; And his fountain will become dry And his spring will be dried up; It will plunder his treasury of every precious article.

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