Psalm 120:1
Parallel Verses
New American Standard Bible
A Song of Ascents. In my trouble I cried to the LORD, And He answered me.

King James Bible
A Song of degrees. In my distress I cried unto the LORD, and he heard me.

Darby Bible Translation
{A Song of degrees.} In my trouble I called unto Jehovah, and he answered me.

World English Bible
In my distress, I cried to Yahweh. He answered me.

Young's Literal Translation
A Song of the Ascents. Unto Jehovah in my distress I have called, And He answereth me.

Psalm 120:1 Parallel
Barnes' Notes on the Bible

In my distress - In my suffering, as arising from slander, Psalm 120:2-3. There are few forms of suffering more keen than those caused by slander:

"Whose edge is sharper than the sword; whose tongue

Outvenoms all the worms of Nile; whose breath

Rides on the posting winds, and doth belie

All corners of the world: kings, queens, and states,

Maids, matrons, nay, the secrets of the grave

This viperous slander enters."

Cymbeline, iii.4.

It is one of those things which a man cannot guard against; which he cannot repel by force; whose origin he cannot always trace; which will go where a vindication will not follow; whose effects will live long after the slander is refuted; which will adhere to a man, or leave a trait of suspicion, even after the most successful vindication, for the effect will be to make a second slander more easily credited than the first was.

I cried unto the Lord, and he heard me - I had no other resource. I could not meet the slander. I could not refute it. I could not prevent its effects on my reputation, and all that I could do was to commit the case to the Lord. See the notes at Psalm 37:5-6.

Psalm 120:1 Parallel Commentaries

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Cross References
Exodus 34:24
"For I will drive out nations before you and enlarge your borders, and no man shall covet your land when you go up three times a year to appear before the LORD your God.

2 Samuel 22:7
"In my distress I called upon the LORD, Yes, I cried to my God; And from His temple He heard my voice, And my cry for help came into His ears.

1 Kings 12:27
"If this people go up to offer sacrifices in the house of the LORD at Jerusalem, then the heart of this people will return to their lord, even to Rehoboam king of Judah; and they will kill me and return to Rehoboam king of Judah."

2 Chronicles 33:12
When he was in distress, he entreated the LORD his God and humbled himself greatly before the God of his fathers.

Psalm 18:6
In my distress I called upon the LORD, And cried to my God for help; He heard my voice out of His temple, And my cry for help before Him came into His ears.

Psalm 22:21
Save me from the lion's mouth; From the horns of the wild oxen You answer me.

Psalm 66:14
Which my lips uttered And my mouth spoke when I was in distress.

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