Psalm 52:2
Parallel Verses
New American Standard Bible
Your tongue devises destruction, Like a sharp razor, O worker of deceit.

King James Bible
Thy tongue deviseth mischiefs; like a sharp rasor, working deceitfully.

Darby Bible Translation
Thy tongue deviseth mischievous things, like a sharp razor, practising deceit.

World English Bible
Your tongue plots destruction, like a sharp razor, working deceitfully.

Young's Literal Translation
Mischiefs doth thy tongue devise, Like a sharp razor, working deceit.

Psalm 52:2 Parallel
Barnes' Notes on the Bible

Thy tongue deviseth mischiefs - The word rendered "mischiefs" means

(a) desire, cupidity: Proverbs 10:3; then

(b) fall, ruin, destruction, wickedness: Psalm 5:9; Psalm 38:12.

The meaning here is, that he made use of his tongue to ruin others. Compare Psalm 50:19. The particular thing referred to here is the fact that Doeg sought the ruin of others by giving "information" in regard to them. He "informed" Saul of what Ahimelech had done; he informed him where David had been, thus giving him, also, information in what way he might be found and apprehended. All this was "designed" to bring ruin upon David and his followers. It "actually" brought ruin on Ahimelech and those associated with him, 1 Samuel 22:17-19.

Like a sharp razor - See the notes at Isaiah 7:20. His slanders were like a sharp knife with which one stabs another. So we stay of a slanderer that he "stabs" another in the dark.

Working deceitfully - literally, making deceit. That is, it was by deceit that he accomplished his purpose. There was no open and fair dealing in what he did.

Psalm 52:2 Parallel Commentaries

The Exile.
David's first years at the court of Saul in Gibeah do not appear to have produced any psalms which still survive. "The sweetest songs are those Which tell of saddest thought." It was natural, then, that a period full of novelty and of prosperous activity, very unlike the quiet days at Bethlehem, should rather accumulate materials for future use than be fruitful in actual production. The old life shut to behind him for ever, like some enchanted door in a hill-side, and an unexplored land lay beckoning
Alexander Maclaren—The Life of David

Being Made Archbishop of Armagh, He Suffers Many Troubles. Peace Being Made, from Being Archbishop of Armagh He Becomes Bishop of Down.
[Sidenote: 1129] 19. (12). Meanwhile[365] it happened that Archbishop Cellach[366] fell sick: he it was who ordained Malachy deacon, presbyter and bishop: and knowing that he was dying he made a sort of testament[367] to the effect that Malachy ought to succeed him,[368] because none seemed worthier to be bishop of the first see. This he gave in charge to those who were present, this he commanded to the absent, this to the two kings of Munster[369] and to the magnates of the land he specially enjoined
H. J. Lawlor—St. Bernard of Clairvaux's Life of St. Malachy of Armagh

Cross References
Nehemiah 6:8
Then I sent a message to him saying, "Such things as you are saying have not been done, but you are inventing them in your own mind."

Psalm 5:9
There is nothing reliable in what they say; Their inward part is destruction itself. Their throat is an open grave; They flatter with their tongue.

Psalm 50:19
"You let your mouth loose in evil And your tongue frames deceit.

Psalm 57:4
My soul is among lions; I must lie among those who breathe forth fire, Even the sons of men, whose teeth are spears and arrows And their tongue a sharp sword.

Psalm 59:7
Behold, they belch forth with their mouth; Swords are in their lips, For, they say, "Who hears?"

Psalm 101:7
He who practices deceit shall not dwell within my house; He who speaks falsehood shall not maintain his position before me.

Psalm 140:2
Who devise evil things in their hearts; They continually stir up wars.

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Blade Deceit Deceitfully Destruction Devises Deviseth Mischiefs Mischievous Plots Plotting Practice Practising Purposing Razor Sharp Sharpened Tongue Treachery Using Wickedness Worker Working
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