Psalm 76:4
Parallel Verses
New American Standard Bible
You are resplendent, More majestic than the mountains of prey.

King James Bible
Thou art more glorious and excellent than the mountains of prey.

Darby Bible Translation
More glorious art thou, more excellent, than the mountains of prey.

World English Bible
Glorious are you, and excellent, more than mountains of game.

Young's Literal Translation
Bright art Thou, honourable above hills of prey.

Psalm 76:4 Parallel
Barnes' Notes on the Bible

Thou art more glorious and excellent - The word rendered glorious - נאור na'ôr - is from the verb which means "to shine," to give light, and the word would properly refer to a luminous or "shining" object - as the sun, the source of light. Hence, it means "shining," splendid, glorious; and it is thus applied to the Divine Being with reference to his perfections, being like light. Compare 1 John 1:5. The word rendered "excellent," means exalted, noble, great. These words are applied here to God from the manifestation of his perfections in the case referred to.

Than the mountains of prey - The word "prey" as employed here - טרף ṭereph - means that which is obtained by hunting; and then, plunder. It is usually applied to the food of wild beasts, beasts of prey. Here it refers to the "mountains" considered as the abode or stronghold of robbers and banditti, from where they sally forth in search of plunder. These mountains, in their heights, their rocks, their fastnesses, furnished safe places of retreat for robbers, and hence, they became emblems of power. It is not improbable that the hordes referred to in the psalm had their abodes in such mountains, and hence, the psalmist says that God who made those mountains and hills was superior to them in strength and power.

Psalm 76:4 Parallel Commentaries

In the Lions' Den
[This chapter is based on Daniel 6.] When Darius the Median took the throne formerly occupied by the Babylonian rulers, he at once proceeded to reorganize the government. He "set over the kingdom an hundred and twenty princes; . . . and over these three presidents; of whom Daniel was first: that the princes might give accounts unto them, and the king should have no damage. Then this Daniel was preferred above the presidents and princes, because an excellent spirit was in him; and the king thought
Ellen Gould White—The Story of Prophets and Kings

Beginning at Jerusalem
The whole verse runs thus: "And that repentance and remission of sins should be preached in his name among all nations, beginning at Jerusalem." The words were spoken by Christ, after he rose from the dead, and they are here rehearsed after an historical manner, but do contain in them a formal commission, with a special clause therein. The commission is, as you see, for the preaching of the gospel, and is very distinctly inserted in the holy record by Matthew and Mark. "Go teach all nations,"
John Bunyan—Jerusalem Sinner Saved

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