Psalm 96:5
Parallel Verses
New American Standard Bible
For all the gods of the peoples are idols, But the LORD made the heavens.

King James Bible
For all the gods of the nations are idols: but the LORD made the heavens.

Darby Bible Translation
For all the gods of the peoples are idols; but Jehovah made the heavens.

World English Bible
For all the gods of the peoples are idols, but Yahweh made the heavens.

Young's Literal Translation
For all the gods of the peoples are nought, And Jehovah made the heavens.

Psalm 96:5 Parallel
Barnes' Notes on the Bible

For all the gods of the nations are idols - All the gods worshipped by the people of other lands are mere "idols." None of them can claim to have a real existence as gods. The word here rendered "idols" is translated by the Septuagint, δαιμόνια daimonia, "demons." So the Latin Vulgate "daemonia." The Hebrew word - אליל 'ĕlı̂yl - means properly "of nothing, nought, empty, vain." See Job 13:4. The meaning here is, that they were mere nothings; they had no real existence; they were the creations of the imagination; they could not in any sense be regarded as what it was pretended they were; they had no claim to reverence and worship as gods. Of most of them it was a fact that they had no existence at all, but were mere creatures of fancy. Of those that did really exist, as the sun, moon, stars, animals, or the spirits of departed people, though it was true that they had an actual existence, yet it was also true that they had no existence "as gods," or as entitled to worship; and hence, it was also true that the worship offered to them was as vain as that which was offered to mere beings of the imagination. This verse is extracted literally from 1 Chronicles 16:26. The Hebrew is the same.

But the Lord made the heavens - Yahweh created the heavenly hosts, and therefore he is the true God, and is entitled to worship. The power of "creation" - of causing anything to exist where there was nothing before - must pertain to God alone, and is the highest act of Divinity. No pretended pagan god has that power; no man has that power. The true God has reserved the exercise of that power to himself, and has never, in any instance, imparted it to a created being.

Psalm 96:5 Parallel Commentaries

Therefore Go On, Saints of God, Boys and Girls...
27. Therefore go on, Saints of God, boys and girls, males and females, unmarried men, and women; go on and persevere unto the end. Praise more sweetly the Lord, Whom ye think on more richly: hope more happily in Him, Whom ye serve more instantly: love more ardently Him, whom ye please more attentively. With loins girded, and lamps burning, wait for the Lord, when He cometh from the marriage. [2075] Ye shall bring unto the marriage of the Lamb a new song, which ye shall sing on your harps. Not surely
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Hiram, the Inspired Artificer
BY REV. W. J. TOWNSEND, D.D. The Temple of Solomon was the crown of art in the old world. There were temples on a larger scale, and of more massive construction, but the enormous masses of masonry of the oldest nations were not comparable with the artistic grace, the luxurious adornments, and the harmonious proportions of this glorious House of God. David had laid up money and material for the great work, but he was not permitted to carry it out. He was a man of war, and blood-stained hands were
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Cross References
Leviticus 19:4
'Do not turn to idols or make for yourselves molten gods; I am the LORD your God.

1 Chronicles 16:26
For all the gods of the peoples are idols, But the LORD made the heavens.

Psalm 89:11
The heavens are Yours, the earth also is Yours; The world and all it contains, You have founded them.

Psalm 102:25
"Of old You founded the earth, And the heavens are the work of Your hands.

Psalm 115:15
May you be blessed of the LORD, Maker of heaven and earth.

Isaiah 42:5
Thus says God the LORD, Who created the heavens and stretched them out, Who spread out the earth and its offspring, Who gives breath to the people on it And spirit to those who walk in it,

Jeremiah 10:11
Thus you shall say to them, "The gods that did not make the heavens and the earth will perish from the earth and from under the heavens."

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