2 Kings 23:7
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New International Version
He also tore down the quarters of the male shrine prostitutes that were in the temple of the LORD, the quarters where women did weaving for Asherah.

King James Bible
And he brake down the houses of the sodomites, that were by the house of the LORD, where the women wove hangings for the grove.

Darby Bible Translation
And he broke down the houses of the sodomites, which were in the house of Jehovah, where the women wove tents for the Asherah.

World English Bible
He broke down the houses of the sodomites, that were in the house of Yahweh, where the women wove hangings for the Asherah.

Young's Literal Translation
And he breaketh down the houses of the whoremongers that are in the house of Jehovah, where the women are weaving houses for the shrine.

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Clarke's Commentary on the Bible

The houses of the sodomites - We have already often met with these קדשים kedeshim or consecrated persons. The word implies all kinds of prostitutes, as well as abusers of themselves with mankind.

Wove hangings for the grove - For Asherah; curtains or tent coverings for the places where the rites of the impure goddess were performed. See at the end of 2 Kings 21:26 (note).

Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

the sodomites.

Genesis 19:4,5 But before they lay down, the men of the city, even the men of Sodom, compassed the house round, both old and young...

1 Kings 14:24 And there were also sodomites in the land...

1 Kings 15:12 And he took away the sodomites out of the land, and removed all the idols that his fathers had made.

1 Kings 22:46 And the remnant of the sodomites, which remained in the days of his father Asa, he took out of the land.

2 Chronicles 34:33 And Josiah took away all the abominations out of all the countries that pertained to the children of Israel...

Romans 1:26,27 For this cause God gave them up to vile affections: for even their women did change the natural use into that which is against nature...


Exodus 35:25,26 And all the women that were wise hearted did spin with their hands, and brought that which they had spun, both of blue, and of purple...

Ezekiel 8:14 Then he brought me to the door of the gate of the LORD's house which was toward the north; and, behold...

Ezekiel 16:16 And of your garments you did take, and decked your high places with divers colors, and played the harlot thereupon...

Hosea 2:13 And I will visit on her the days of Baalim, wherein she burned incense to them, and she decked herself with her earrings and her jewels...

hangings. Heb. houses.

Reformation Lessons
Eversley. 1861. 2 Kings xxiii. 3, 4, 25, 26. "And the king stood by a pillar, and made a covenant before the Lord, to "walk after the Lord, and to keep his commandments and his testimonies and his statutes with all their heart and all their soul, to perform the words of this covenant that were written in this book. And all the people stood to the covenant. And the king commanded Hilkiah the high priest, and the priests of the second order, and the keepers of the door, to bring forth out
Charles Kingsley—All Saints' Day and Other Sermons

Whether Prophets Always Know the Things which they Prophesy?
Objection 1: It would seem that the prophets always know the things which they prophesy. For, as Augustine says (Gen. ad lit. xii, 9), "those to whom signs were shown in spirit by means of the likenesses of bodily things, had not the gift of prophecy, unless the mind was brought into action, so that those signs were also understood by them." Now what is understood cannot be unknown. Therefore the prophet is not ignorant of what he prophesies. Objection 2: Further, the light of prophecy surpasses
Saint Thomas Aquinas—Summa Theologica

The Whole Heart
LET me give the principal passages in which the words "the whole heart," "all the heart," are used. A careful study of them will show how wholehearted love and service is what God has always asked, because He can, in the very nature of things, ask nothing less. The prayerful and believing acceptance of the words will waken the assurance that such wholehearted love and service is exactly the blessing the New Covenant was meant to make possible. That assurance will prepare us for turning to the Omnipotence
Andrew Murray—The Two Covenants

The Medes and the Second Chaldaean Empire
THE FALL OF NINEVEH AND THE RISE OF THE CHALDAEAN AND MEDIAN EMPIRES--THE XXVIth EGYPTIAN DYNASTY: CYAXARES, ALYATTES, AND NEBUCHADREZZAR. The legendary history of the kings of Media and the first contact of the Medes with the Assyrians: the alleged Iranian migrations of the Avesta--Media-proper, its fauna and flora; Phraortes and the beginning of the Median empire--Persia proper and the Persians; conquest of Persia by the Medes--The last monuments of Assur-bani-pal: the library of Kouyunjik--Phraortes
G. Maspero—History Of Egypt, Chaldaea, Syria, Babylonia, and Assyria, V 8

Cross References
Exodus 35:25
Every skilled woman spun with her hands and brought what she had spun--blue, purple or scarlet yarn or fine linen.

Exodus 35:26
And all the women who were willing and had the skill spun the goat hair.

Deuteronomy 23:17
No Israelite man or woman is to become a shrine prostitute.

1 Kings 14:24
There were even male shrine prostitutes in the land; the people engaged in all the detestable practices of the nations the LORD had driven out before the Israelites.

1 Kings 15:12
He expelled the male shrine prostitutes from the land and got rid of all the idols his ancestors had made.

Ezekiel 16:16
You took some of your garments to make gaudy high places, where you carried on your prostitution. You went to him, and he possessed your beauty.

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