Genesis 41:32
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New International Version
The reason the dream was given to Pharaoh in two forms is that the matter has been firmly decided by God, and God will do it soon.

King James Bible
And for that the dream was doubled unto Pharaoh twice; it is because the thing is established by God, and God will shortly bring it to pass.

Darby Bible Translation
And as regards the double repetition of the dream to Pharaoh, it is that the thing is established by God, and God will hasten to do it.

World English Bible
The dream was doubled to Pharaoh, because the thing is established by God, and God will shortly bring it to pass.

Young's Literal Translation
'And because of the repeating of the dream unto Pharaoh twice, surely the thing is established by God, and God is hastening to do it.

Genesis 41:32 Parallel
Clarke's Commentary on the Bible

The plenty shall not be known in the land by reason of that famine following - As Egypt depends for its fertility on the flowing of the Nile, and this flowing is not always equal, there must be a point to which it must rise to saturate the land sufficiently, in order to produce grain sufficient for the support of its inhabitants. Pliny, Hist. Nat., lib. v., cap. 9, has given us a scale by which the plenty and dearth may be ascertained; and, from what I have been able to collect from modern travelers, this scale may be yet considered as perfectly correct.

Justum incrementum est cubitorum 16. Minores aquae non omnia rigant, ampliores detinent, tardius recedendo. Hae serendi tempora absumunt, solo madente, Illae non dant, sitiente. Utrumque reputat provincia. In 12. cubitis famen sentit. In 13. etiamnum esurit; 14. cubita hilaritatem afferunt; 15. securitatem; 16. delicias.

"The ordinary height of the inundations is sixteen cubits. When the waters are lower than this standard they do not overflow the whole ground; when above this standard, they are too long in running off. In the first case the ground is not saturated: by the second, the waters are detained so long on the ground that seed-time is lost. The province marks both. If it rise only twelve cubits, a famine is the consequence. Even at thirteen cubits hunger prevails; fourteen cubits produces general rejoicing; fifteen, perfect security; and sixteen, all the luxuries of life."

When the Nile rises to eighteen cubits it prevents the sowing of the land in due season, and as necessarily produces a famine as when it does not overflow its banks.

Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


Genesis 37:7,9 For, behold, we were binding sheaves in the field, and, see, my sheaf arose, and also stood upright...

Job 33:14,15 For God speaks once, yes twice, yet man perceives it not...

2 Corinthians 13:1 This is the third time I am coming to you. In the mouth of two or three witnesses shall every word be established.

it is because.

Numbers 23:19 God is not a man, that he should lie; neither the son of man, that he should repent: has he said, and shall he not do it?...

Isaiah 14:24-27 The LORD of hosts has sworn, saying, Surely as I have thought, so shall it come to pass; and as I have purposed, so shall it stand...

Isaiah 46:10,11 Declaring the end from the beginning, and from ancient times the things that are not yet done, saying, My counsel shall stand...

Matthew 24:35 Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away.

established by. or, prepared of.

Isaiah 30:33 For Tophet is ordained of old; yes, for the king it is prepared; he has made it deep and large: the pile thereof is fire and much wood...

Matthew 25:34,41 Then shall the King say to them on his right hand, Come, you blessed of my Father...

Mark 10:40 But to sit on my right hand and on my left hand is not my to give; but it shall be given to them for whom it is prepared.

1 Corinthians 2:9 But as it is written, Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man...

Revelation 9:15 And the four angels were loosed, which were prepared for an hour, and a day, and a month, and a year...

The Covenant of Works
Q-12: I proceed to the next question, WHAT SPECIAL ACT OF PROVIDENCE DID GOD EXERCISE TOWARDS MAN IN THE ESTATE WHEREIN HE WAS CREATED? A: When God had created man, he entered into a covenant of life with him upon condition of perfect obedience, forbidding him to eat of the tree of knowledge upon pain of death. For this, consult with Gen 2:16, 17: And the Lord commanded the man, saying, Of every tree of the garden thou mayest freely eat; but of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, thou shalt
Thomas Watson—A Body of Divinity

The First Chaldaean Empire and the Hyksos in Egypt
Syria: the part played by it in the ancient world--Babylon and the first Chaldaean empire--The dominion of the Hyksos: Ahmosis. Some countries seem destined from their origin to become the battle-fields of the contending nations which environ them. Into such regions, and to their cost, neighbouring peoples come from century to century to settle their quarrels and bring to an issue the questions of supremacy which disturb their little corner of the world. The nations around are eager for the possession
G. Maspero—History Of Egypt, Chaldaea, Syria, Babylonia, and Assyria, V 4

Cross References
Genesis 41:25
Then Joseph said to Pharaoh, "The dreams of Pharaoh are one and the same. God has revealed to Pharaoh what he is about to do.

Genesis 41:28
"It is just as I said to Pharaoh: God has shown Pharaoh what he is about to do.

Genesis 41:31
The abundance in the land will not be remembered, because the famine that follows it will be so severe.

Daniel 2:45
This is the meaning of the vision of the rock cut out of a mountain, but not by human hands--a rock that broke the iron, the bronze, the clay, the silver and the gold to pieces. "The great God has shown the king what will take place in the future. The dream is true and its interpretation is trustworthy."

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Decided Determined Double Doubled Dream Established Firmly Fixed Forms Hasten Hastening Matter Means Pharaoh Pharaoh's Quickly Reason Regards Repeating Repetition Shortly Soon Surely Twice
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