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New International Version
Therefore he sacrifices to his net and burns incense to his dragnet, for by his net he lives in luxury and enjoys the choicest food.

King James Bible
Therefore they sacrifice unto their net, and burn incense unto their drag; because by them their portion is fat, and their meat plenteous.

Darby Bible Translation
therefore he sacrificeth unto his net, and burneth incense unto his drag; for by them his portion is become fat, and his meat dainty.

World English Bible
Therefore he sacrifices to his net, and burns incense to his dragnet, because by them his life is luxurious, and his food is good.

Young's Literal Translation
Therefore he doth sacrifice to his net, And doth make perfume to his drag, For by them is his portion fertile, and his food fat.

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Clarke's Commentary on the Bible

They sacrifice unto their net - He had no God; he cared for none; and worshipped only his armor and himself. King Mezentius, one of the worst characters in the Aeneid of Virgil, is represented as invoking his own right hand and his spear in battle. Aen. 10:773.

Dextra mihi Deus, et telum quod missile libro, Nunc adsint.

"My strong right hand and sword, assert my stroke.

Those only gods Mezentius will invoke."


And Capaneus, in Statius, gives us a more decisive proof of this self-idolatry. Thebaid, lib. x.

Ades, O mihi dextera tantum

Tu praeses belli, et inevitabile Numen,

Te voco, te solum Superum contemptor adoro.

"Only thou, my right hand, be my aid; I contemn the gods, and adore thee as the chief in battle, and the irresistible deity."

The poet tells us that, for his impiety, Jupiter slew him with thunder.

This was an ancient idolatry in this country, and has existed till within about a century. There are relics of it in different parts of Europe; for when military men bind themselves to accomplish any particular purpose, it is usual to lay their hand upon their sword: but formerly they kissed it, when swearing by it. With most heroes, the sword is both their Bible and their God. To the present day it is a custom among the Hindoos annually to worship the implements of their trades. See Ward.

Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


Habakkuk 1:11 Then shall his mind change, and he shall pass over, and offend, imputing this his power to his god.

Deuteronomy 8:17 And you say in your heart, My power and the might of my hand has gotten me this wealth.

Isaiah 10:13-15 For he said, By the strength of my hand I have done it, and by my wisdom; for I am prudent: and I have removed the bounds of the people...

Isaiah 37:24 By your servants have you reproached the Lord, and have said, By the multitude of my chariots am I come up to the height of the mountains...

Ezekiel 28:3 Behold, you are wiser than Daniel; there is no secret that they can hide from you:

Ezekiel 29:3 Speak, and say, Thus said the Lord GOD; Behold, I am against you, Pharaoh king of Egypt...

Daniel 4:30 The king spoke, and said, Is not this great Babylon, that I have built for the house of the kingdom by the might of my power...

Daniel 5:23 But have lifted up yourself against the Lord of heaven; and they have brought the vessels of his house before you, and you...

plenteous. or, dainty. Heb. fat.

Though These Eternal Moral Obligations are Indeed of Themselves Incumbent on all Rational Beings,
even antecedent to the consideration of their being the positive will and command of God, yet that which most strongly confirms, and in practice most effectually and indispensably enforces them upon us, is this; that both from the perfections of God, and the nature of things, and from several other collateral considerations, it appears, that as God is himself necessarily just and good in the exercise of his infinite power in the government of the whole world, so he cannot but likewise positively
Samuel Clarke—A Discourse Concerning the Being and Attributes of God

The Holiness of God
The next attribute is God's holiness. Exod 15:51. Glorious in holiness.' Holiness is the most sparkling jewel of his crown; it is the name by which God is known. Psa 111:1. Holy and reverend is his name.' He is the holy One.' Job 6:60. Seraphims cry, Holy, holy, holy is the Lord of hosts, the whole earth is full of his glory.' Isa 6:6. His power makes him mighty, his holiness makes him glorious. God's holiness consists in his perfect love of righteousness, and abhorrence of evil. Of purer eyes than
Thomas Watson—A Body of Divinity

Cross References
Psalm 22:29
All the rich of the earth will feast and worship; all who go down to the dust will kneel before him-- those who cannot keep themselves alive.

Jeremiah 44:8
Why arouse my anger with what your hands have made, burning incense to other gods in Egypt, where you have come to live? You will destroy yourselves and make yourselves a curse and an object of reproach among all the nations on earth.

Jeremiah 44:17
We will certainly do everything we said we would: We will burn incense to the Queen of Heaven and will pour out drink offerings to her just as we and our ancestors, our kings and our officials did in the towns of Judah and in the streets of Jerusalem. At that time we had plenty of food and were well off and suffered no harm.

Habakkuk 1:11
Then they sweep past like the wind and go on-- guilty people, whose own strength is their god."

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