Joshua 15:28
New Living Translation
Hazar-shual, Beersheba, Biziothiah,

American Standard Version
and Hazar-shual, and Beer-sheba, and Biziothiah,

Berean Study Bible
Hazar-shual, Beersheba, Biziothiah,

Douay-Rheims Bible
And Hasersual and Bersabee and Baziothia,

English Revised Version
and Hazar-shual, and Beer-sheba, and Biziothiah;

King James Bible
And Hazarshual, and Beersheba, and Bizjothjah,

World English Bible
Hazar Shual, Beersheba, Biziothiah,

Young's Literal Translation
and Hazar-Shual, and Beer-Sheba, and Bizjothjah,

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