Psalm 29:2
Parallel Verses
New Living Translation
Honor the LORD for the glory of his name. Worship the LORD in the splendor of his holiness.

King James Bible
Give unto the LORD the glory due unto his name; worship the LORD in the beauty of holiness.

Darby Bible Translation
Give unto Jehovah the glory of his name; worship Jehovah in holy splendour.

World English Bible
Ascribe to Yahweh the glory due to his name. Worship Yahweh in holy array.

Young's Literal Translation
Ascribe to Jehovah the honour of His name, Bow yourselves to Jehovah, In the beauty of holiness.

Psalm 29:2 Parallel
Wesley's Notes on the Bible

29:2 Give, and c. - The honour which he deserves: own him as the Almighty, and the only true God. Holiness - Or, in his holy and beautiful house.

Psalm 29:2 Parallel Commentaries

How the Preacher, when He Has Accomplished all Aright, Should Return to Himself, Lest Either his Life or his Preaching Lift Him Up.
But since often, when preaching is abundantly poured forth in fitting ways, the mind of the speaker is elevated in itself by a hidden delight in self-display, great care is needed that he may gnaw himself with the laceration of fear, lest he who recalls the diseases of others to health by remedies should himself swell through neglect of his own health; lest in helping others he desert himself, lest in lifting up others he fall. For to some the greatness of their virtue has often been the occasion
Leo the Great—Writings of Leo the Great

Period ii. The Church from the Permanent Division of the Empire Until the Collapse of the Western Empire and the First Schism Between the East and the West, or Until About A. D. 500
In the second period of the history of the Church under the Christian Empire, the Church, although existing in two divisions of the Empire and experiencing very different political fortunes, may still be regarded as forming a whole. The theological controversies distracting the Church, although different in the two halves of the Graeco-Roman world, were felt to some extent in both divisions of the Empire and not merely in the one in which they were principally fought out; and in the condemnation
Joseph Cullen Ayer Jr., Ph.D.—A Source Book for Ancient Church History

The History Books
[Illustration: (drop cap T) Assyrian idol-god] Thus little by little the Book of God grew, and the people He had chosen to be its guardians took their place among the nations. A small place it was from one point of view! A narrow strip of land, but unique in its position as one of the highways of the world, on which a few tribes were banded together. All around great empires watched them with eager eyes; the powerful kings of Assyria, Egypt, and Babylonia, the learned Greeks, and, in later times,
Mildred Duff—The Bible in its Making

(i) As of the De Spiritu Sancto, so of the Hexæmeron, no further account need be given here. It may, however, be noted that the Ninth Homily ends abruptly, and the latter, and apparently more important, portion of the subject is treated of at less length than the former. Jerome [472] and Cassiodorus [473] speak of nine homilies only on the creation. Socrates [474] says the Hexæmeron was completed by Gregory of Nyssa. Three orations are published among Basil's works, two on the creation
Basil—Basil: Letters and Select Works

Cross References
1 Chronicles 16:29
Give to the LORD the glory he deserves! Bring your offering and come into his presence. Worship the LORD in all his holy splendor.

2 Chronicles 20:21
After consulting the people, the king appointed singers to walk ahead of the army, singing to the LORD and praising him for his holy splendor. This is what they sang: "Give thanks to the LORD; his faithful love endures forever!"

Psalm 24:7
Open up, ancient gates! Open up, ancient doors, and let the King of glory enter.

Psalm 93:5
Your royal laws cannot be changed. Your reign, O LORD, is holy forever and ever.

Psalm 96:7
O nations of the world, recognize the LORD; recognize that the LORD is glorious and strong.

Psalm 96:9
Worship the LORD in all his holy splendor. Let all the earth tremble before him.

Psalm 110:3
When you go to war, your people will serve you willingly. You are arrayed in holy garments, and your strength will be renewed each day like the morning dew.

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