Acts 2
Bible Study Questions

1. How does the coming of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost change the disciples' lives?

2. What significance does speaking in different languages or tongues have in this context?

3. How does Peter use Old Testament prophecies in his sermon? What does this teach us about sharing the Gospel?

4. What elements in Peter's sermon are essential for sharing the message of Jesus today?

5. How do the crowd respond to Peter's sermon, and what does it reveal about the power of the Holy Spirit?

6. What principles can we learn from the fellowship of the early Church?

7. How did the early Church's approach to material possessions demonstrate their faith and unity?

8. What role does baptism play in the believers' response to Peter's message?

9. How does the community life of the early Church challenge contemporary Christian community practices?

10. How can the events in Acts 2 encourage you in your personal walk with God and involvement in your local Church?

11. How does the Holy Spirit empower us for witnessing, as seen in this chapter?

12. How can we foster a sense of awe and wonder within our faith communities, similar to the early Church?

13. In what ways do you feel called to share your resources with those in need, following the example of the early Church?

14. How do the conversions that occurred after Peter's sermon inspire you to share the Gospel message?

15. In what ways can you incorporate the practices of teaching, fellowship, breaking of bread, and prayer into your daily life?

16. How does the unity and generosity of the early Church challenge our understanding of Christian community?

17. How can you create a sense of welcoming and openness in your community, reflecting the inclusivity of the early Church?

18. How does the daily addition of those who are being saved encourage you in your personal or communal evangelistic efforts?

19. In what ways can you allow the Holy Spirit to lead you in your day-to-day life, as the early disciples did?

20. How does the growth of the Church in Acts 2 challenge your perception of the Church's role in society today?

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