Acts 1
Bible Study Questions

1. How does Jesus' command to stay in Jerusalem and wait for the Holy Spirit demonstrate the importance of God's timing?

2. What does the apostles' question about restoring the kingdom to Israel reveal about their understanding of Jesus' mission? How does Jesus respond, and what does it tell us about our call as Christians?

3. How does the ascension of Jesus connect to His promise of the coming Holy Spirit? What implications does this have for your understanding of the Trinity?

4. How did the disciples respond to the departure of Jesus? What can we learn from their actions?

5. Why do you think the apostles felt it was necessary to replace Judas? How does this apply to leadership roles in the church today?

6. What role did prayer play in the early Church as seen in this chapter? How does it challenge your personal prayer life?

7. What does the unity among the disciples teach us about community in the church?

8. How does the selection process of Matthias demonstrate the combination of human decision and divine guidance?

9. The disciples were called to be witnesses in Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, and to the ends of the earth. How does this mandate apply to you in your current context?

10. How can we prepare ourselves for the coming of the Holy Spirit, as the apostles did?

11. How does the description of Jesus' ascension impact your understanding of His divine nature?

12. What steps can you take to ensure that you are listening and obedient to God's call on your life, just like the early disciples?

13. How does the disciples' continual prayer inspire you to incorporate prayer into your daily routine?

14. How can you promote unity in your local church or Christian community, following the example of the early believers?

15. How does Jesus' assurance of the Holy Spirit's power inspire you to share the Gospel?

16. Why is it important to seek God's guidance when making decisions, as seen in the selection of Matthias?

17. What are the practical implications of being a witness for Christ in your daily life?

18. How can you remain expectant of Jesus' return, as promised by the two men in white?

19. In what ways can we bear witness to Jesus in our contemporary society, just like the apostles did in their time?

20. How does the anticipation of the Holy Spirit's arrival in this chapter challenge your understanding of His role in your life?

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