John 21
Bible Study Questions

1. How does the miraculous catch of fish illustrate Jesus' power and the disciples' dependency on Him?

2. What does Jesus' preparation of breakfast for His disciples say about His care for them?

3. How does Peter's threefold confession mirror his earlier threefold denial?

4. In what ways do you see Jesus' grace towards Peter in this chapter, and how does it resonate with your personal experiences?

5. How do you understand Jesus' instructions to Peter: "Feed my lambs," "Take care of my sheep," and "Feed my sheep"?

6. What does Jesus' prediction of Peter's death signify about the cost of discipleship?

7. Why do you think Jesus mentioned the fate of John, and how did it cause a misunderstanding among the disciples?

8. How does this chapter emphasize the continuity of Jesus' work and the role of His disciples?

9. How does the final statement about the vastness of Jesus' works impact your perception of Him?

10. How can you apply the lessons from Peter's restoration to situations of failure or betrayal in your own life?

11. How can you relate to the disciples' initial lack of recognition of Jesus in your spiritual journey?

12. What does it mean to you to feed and take care of Jesus' sheep in today's context?

13. What lessons can you learn from Jesus' interaction with Peter about dealing with guilt and restoration?

14. How does the concept of discipleship in this chapter apply to your daily life?

15. In what ways do you feel called to serve others as a result of your love for Christ, as Peter was called?

16. How does the recurring theme of love in this chapter speak to you?

17. In what ways can you identify with Peter's journey from denial to restoration?

18. How do you perceive the mystery surrounding John's fate, and what does it tell us about focusing on our individual callings?

19. How can you carry the message of Jesus' continuous work to those around you?

20. In reflecting on the Gospel of John as a whole, how has your understanding of Jesus and His mission changed or deepened?

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