Hosea 7
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Ephraim’s Iniquity

1When I have healed Israel, then shall the iniquity of Ephraim be revealed, and the wickedness of Samaria; for they have wrought falsehood: and a thief shall come in to him, even a robber spoiling in his way;

2that they may concert together as men singing in their heart: I remember all their wickedness: now have their own counsels compassed them about; they came before my face.

3They gladdened kings with their wickedness, and princes with their lies.

4They are all adulterers, as an oven glowing with flame for hot-baking, on account of the kneading of the dough, until it is leavened.

5In the days of our kings, the princes began to be inflamed with wine: he stretched out his hand with pestilent fellows.

6Wherefore their hearts are inflamed as an oven, while they rage all the night: Ephraim is satisfied with sleep; the morning is come; he is burnt up as a flame of fire.

7They are all heated like an oven, and have devoured their judges: all their kings are fallen; there was not among them one that called on me.

8Ephraim is mixed among his people; Ephraim became a cake not turned.

9Strangers devoured his strength, and he knew it not; and grey hairs came upon him, and he knew it not.

10And the pride of Israel shall be brought down before his face: yet they have not returned to the Lord their God, neither have they diligently sought him for all this.

11And Ephraim was as a silly dove, not having a heart: he called to Egypt, and they went to the Assyrians.

12Whenever they shall go, I will cast my net upon them; I will bring them down as the birds of the sky, I will chasten them with the rumor of their coming affliction.

13Woe to them! for they have started aside from me: they are cowards; for they have sinned against me: yet I redeemed them, but they spoke falsehoods against me.

14And their hearts did not cry to me, but they howled on their beds: they pined for oil and wine.

15They were instructed by me, and I strengthened their arms; and they devised evils against me.

16They turned aside to that which is not, they became as a bent bow: their princes shall fall by the sword, by reason of the unbridled state of their tongue: this is their setting at nought in the land of Egypt.

The English translation of The Septuagint by Sir Lancelot Charles Lee Brenton (1851)

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