2 Timothy 2:23
But reject foolish and ignorant speculation, for you know that it breeds quarreling.
A Warning Against Contentious QuestioningsT. Croskery 2 Timothy 2:23
Foolish QuestioningsC. H. Spurgeon.2 Timothy 2:23
Ignorant QuestioningsJ. Barlow, D. D.2 Timothy 2:23
Metaphysical SubtletiesCowper.2 Timothy 2:23
Religious StrifeChristian Age2 Timothy 2:23
Unwise CuriosityMassinger.2 Timothy 2:23
Conduct in View of Heresy Appearing in the ChurchR. Finlayson 2 Timothy 2:14-26

I. THE MINISTER OF CHRIST MUST AVOID INAPT DISCUSSIONS. "But foolish and ignorant questions avoid." The false teachers wasted their energies upon questions of this class, because they had no just idea of the relative importance of truth, taking small things for great and great things for small. The matters in dispute were useless and unedifying, being foreign to the true wisdom of the gospel. Four times in these two Epistles does the apostle repeat this grave warning.

II. THE TENDENCY OF SUCH DISCUSSIONS. "Knowing that they do gender strifes." They break the peace of Churches, alienate the hearts of ministers, and impede the progress of the gospel. - T.C.

Foolish and unlearned questions avoid.

1. For the ground of them is not good: such spring either from curiosity or ignorance.

2. The fruit therefore will be bitter; for nothing profitable.

II. SIN IN THE FIRST CAUSES IS TO BE PREVENTED. What of less motion or power than a word — a question? yet such of all men are to be regarded.

III. THE CAUSES OF SIN ONCE DISCERNED ARE TO BE RESISTED, SHUNNED. Thou knowest that fond reasonings, unadvised disputings, beget quarrels, stir up strifes: therefore reject them, flee from them.

IV. FOOLISH QUESTIONS RAISE CONTENTIONS. It is a wonder to see what abundance of ill fruit one branch of fond reasoning hath produced. Like a bone cast amongst curs, an unlearned question will cause men to snarl, bite, and quarrel.

(J. Barlow, D. D.)

A lady, of whom we beard in our travels, had worried several ministers who sought her good by always telling them that she could not believe till they could explain to her how God could be without a beginning. "For," said she, "if He never began, then He has not begun, and there can be no God at all." Very dexterous are certain persons in blocking up their own road, and yet, perhaps, there is no great dexterity in it, for the proverb says, "A fool may put questions which a wise man cannot answer." In the Vatican at Rome we saw the renowned statue of the boy who has a thorn in his foot, and is busy extracting if. He was doing this when we first saw him, and three years after he was attempting the same operation. We have good reason for believing that he is even now in the same posture, and will be found in like attitude fifty years hence. He is carved in marble, and therefore is excused for making no progress; but what shall be said of living, thoughtful individuals who year after year are trifling with imaginary difficulties, and never set foot on the road to heaven?

(C. H. Spurgeon.)

The over-curious are not over-wise.


"Defend me, therefore, common sense, say I,

From reveries so airy, from the toil

Of dropping buckets into empty wells,

And growing old in drawing nothing up."


Christian Age.
Huxley came to Baltimore to attend a general conference in 1820. A discussion arose on a question of order, whether presiding elders should be elected by preachers or not, and the dispute had waxed warm, not to say hot. Brother Huxley had said not a word through it all, but at the close of the session the Bishop called upon him to make the concluding prayer. He knelt and said, "Now, O Lord, Thou knowest what a time we've had here discussing and arguing about this eider question, and Thou knowest what our feelings are. We do not care what becomes of the ark; it's only who drives the oxen."

(Christian Age.)

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