Zaccheus Saved
Luke 19:1-10
And Jesus entered and passed through Jericho.…

I. We here notice, first of all, THE SECRET PURPOSE OF THE LORD JESUS CHRIST TOWARDS THE PUBLICAN, ZACCHEUS. That Christ entertained towards him a secret purpose of mercy, compassion, and love, there can be no doubt whatever; the salutation, as well as the event, proved it. Electing grace had reached forth the golden sceptre towards the publican, long before "Jesus entered and passed through" the streets of Jericho.

II. The narrative suggests to us another important particular, and it is this: THAT WITH THE SECRET PURPOSES OF DIVINE GRACE TOWARDS ZACCHEUS, THERE WAS CONNECTED AN OVERRULING OF CIRCUMSTANCES, FAVOURING THE DEVELOPMENT OF THOSE GRACIOUS PURPOSES. When Jesus arrived at Jericho, Zaccheus might have been elsewhere — might have been far distant, and out of the reach of that voice which spake so tenderly, and away from the glance of that eye which gazed so kindly on him. Moreover, even if present with the multitudes, he might have been so indifferent, and so absorbed by other objects of pursuit, as to entertain no desire towards the stranger, who had conceived so gracious a purpose towards him. But as Jesus passed through Jericho, Zaccheus was on the spot, anxious to see Him, and ready to heed His words. How was this? No such thing as accident. God was working out His own purpose toward him by His own secret agency.

III. There remains another particular in the narrative, which must not be lost sight of. No sooner had the Lord Jesus said to him, "Zaccheus, make baste and come down, for to-day I must abide at thy house"; than "HE MADE HASTE, AND CAME DOWN, AND RECEIVED HIM JOYFULLY." Does not all this indicate preparedness of mind? Is not the fact a living commentary on the doctrine — "Thy people shall be willing in the day of Thy power"? The currents of Divine mercy, grace, and love were then opening fully, and flowing abundantly towards him; and He, in whose hands are the hearts of all living men, prepared him to receive with gladness, as an honoured guest, that mighty One, "whose own arm brought salvation," and who came in all His energy, power, and love, "to seek and to save the lost," even the lost Zaccheus.

(G. Fisk, LL. B.)

Parallel Verses
KJV: And Jesus entered and passed through Jericho.

WEB: He entered and was passing through Jericho.

Zaccheus a Type of the Christ-Seeker
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