The Gospel Banquet
Matthew 22:1-10
And Jesus answered and spoke to them again by parables, and said,…

History tells of a banquet given by Henry VIII. to the French ambassadors. The best cooks in all the land were engaged. Privateers went through all the country to gather all the costliest viands, and when the day arrived the guests were kept hunting in the park so that their appetites might be keen, and then, at the right moment, to the sound of the trumpeters, they entered the hall, and sat down to the table, agleam with imperial plate and ablush with the costliest wines, with gold candles with a hundred tapers as large as torches. But I have to tell you to-day of a more wonderful entertainment. The Lord Jesus Christ is the banqueter; the angels of God are the cup-bearers; pardon, and peace, and life, and heaven are the viands; palaces hung with gardens of eternal beauty are the banqueting place; the chalices of God are the plates; and I am one of His servants, and I come out with the invitation to all the people — a written invitation to every man, woman, and child in all this audience.

(Dr. Talmage.)

Parallel Verses
KJV: And Jesus answered and spake unto them again by parables, and said,

WEB: Jesus answered and spoke again in parables to them, saying,

Thankfulness to God
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