The Soul of ManAlexander Shanks.Genesis 2:7
War from HeavenA. Shanks.Job 38:23
The Saint Claiming God as His GodA. Shanks.Psalm 63:1-11
The Saint Resolving to Seek His GodA. Shanks.Psalm 63:1-11
The Saint Thirsting for GodA. Shanks.Psalm 63:1-11
The Saint Longing to See God in the SanctuaryA. Shanks.Psalm 63:2
The Saint Celebrating the Lovingkindnees of GodA. Shanks.Psalm 63:3
The Saint Assuring Himself of Satisfaction in GodA. Shanks.Psalm 63:5-6
The Saint Delighting in PraiseA. Shanks.Psalm 63:5-6
The Saint Devout by NightA. Shanks.Psalm 63:6
The Saint Rejoicing in Divine HelpA. Shanks.Psalm 63:7-8
What the Lord is to His PeopleA. Shanks.Psalm 63:7-8
The Saint Following Hard After GodA. Shanks.Psalm 63:8
The Saint Upheld by God's Right HandA. Shanks.Psalm 63:8
The Blessing of PlentyA. Shanks.Psalm 147:14-15
The Divine Efficiency Illustrated in the Blessing of PeaceA. Shanks.Psalm 147:14-15
The Careless Sinner ReprovedA. Shanks.Isaiah 32:11
The Name of the Lord a Plea for Temporal BlessingsA. Shanks.Jeremiah 14:7-9
The Sword of the Warrior the Sword of the LordA. Shanks.Jeremiah 47:6
The Prophet's CommissionJ. C. Shanks.Ezekiel 2:1-2
Applications from the State of the Land of Judah to the Present TimesA. Shanks.Ezekiel 22:24
Practical Uses of the State of the Land of JudahA. Shanks.Ezekiel 22:24
Faith Victorious Over the Fear of ManA. Shanks.Daniel 3:17-18
Faith Victorious Over the Fear of ManA. Shanks.Daniel 3:18
Antidotes Against the Operation of Desponding FearA. Shanks.Joel 2:21
The Promise of Plenty a Motive to GratitudeA. Shanks.Joel 2:26
Intercession for Pardon PrevailingA. Shanks.Amos 7:1-6
The Way of the Lord in the Whirlwind and in the StormA. Shanks.Nahum 1:3
Joy in the Face of AdversityA. Shanks.Habakkuk 3:17-18
Insensibility Under Material EvilA. Shanks.Haggai 2:17
Material Evil the Scourge of Moral EvilA. Shanks.Haggai 2:17
Promises to Bless Encouragements to WorkA. Shanks.Haggai 2:19
The Religion of the PeopleJ. C. Shanks.Acts 5:19-20
The Holy ScripturesJ. Coats Shanks.2 Timothy 3:16-17
Instant Consideration of Religion RecommendedAlex. Shanks.Hebrews 3:7-8
The Exercise of the Son of God in His AgonyAlex. Shanks.Hebrews 5:7-11

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