Exodus 19:1
In the third month, on the same day of the month that the Israelites had left Egypt, they came to the Desert of Sinai.
Arrival and Encampment At SinaiJ. Orr Exodus 19:1, 2
LessonsG. Hughes, B. D.Exodus 19:1-2
The Wilderness of SinaiDean Stanley.Exodus 19:1-2
The Lord and His PeopleJ. Urquhart Exodus 19:1-6
Covenant Before LawH.T. Robjohns Exodus 19:1-15
- We come now to the consideration of what, next to the exodus, is the greatest event in Israel's history - the ratification at Sinai of the nation's covenant with God, preceded by the giving of the law. We cannot attach too great importance to these Divi

Wilderness of Sinai.
1. Months and days from Egyptian bondage are fit to be recorded.

2. Days are set by God for the Church's gradual progress to their rest; it fails not (ver, 1).

3. From Rephidim to Sinai, or from straits and trials to some rest and doctrine God removes His Church.

4. The Church's camp and God's mount are sweetly joined together (ver. 2).

(G. Hughes, B. D.)

After their long halt, exulting in their first victory, they advanced deeper into the mountain ranges, they knew not whither. They knew only that it was for some great end, for some solemn disclosure, such as they had never before witnessed. Onward they went, through winding valley, and under high cliff, and over rugged pass, and through gigantic forms, on which the marks of creation even now seem fresh and powerful; and at last, through all the different valleys, the whole body of the people were assembled. On their right hand and on their left rose long sucessions of lofty rocks, forming a vast avenue, like the approaches which they had seen leading to the Egyptian temples between colossal figures of men and of gods. At the end of this broad avenue, rising immediately out of the level plain on which they were encamped, towered the massive cliffs of Sinai, like the huge altar of some natural temple; encircled by peaks of every shape and height, the natural pyramids of the desert. In this sanctuary, secluded from all earthly things, .they waited for the revelation of God.

(Dean Stanley.)

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