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When she saw that he had left his cloak in her hand and had run out of the house,
LessonsG. Hughes, B. D.Genesis 39:13-18
The Delicate and Problematical Character of Circumstantial ProofR. Wardlaw, D. DGenesis 39:13-18
The False Charge Against JosephT. H. Leale.Genesis 39:13-18
The Righteous ManR.A. Redford Genesis 39
These occurrences in the family of Judah would seem

(1) to betoken the retributive judgment of God, and

(2) illustrate his grace. Joseph is lost, and still Divinely protected. Judah is a wanderer from his brethren; a sensual, self-willed, degenerate man; yet it is in the line of this same wanderer that the promised seed shall appear. The whole is a lesson on the evil of separation from the people of God. Luther asks why such things were placed in Scripture, and answers,

(1) That no one should be self-righteous, and

(2) that no one should despair, and

(3) to remind us that Gentiles by natural right are brothers, mother, sisters to our Lord; the word of salvation is a word for the whole world. - R.

See, he hath brought in an Hebrew unto us to mock us.

II. THE MALIGNITY OF IT. The vengeance of disappointed passion.



1. That impurity and falsehood are closely allied.

2. That God's saints should be patient under false accusations.

3. That we should do the thing that is right in utter disregard of all evil consequences to ourselves.

(T. H. Leale.)

1. Disappointments of lust occasion it to rage, and turn it into madness.

2. Innocency's flight from sin may occasion its misery.

3. Sight of lust defeated by chastity stirs up the wicked to accuse the righteous (ver. 13).

(G. Hughes, B. D.)

There are not a few cases, in which it is the only description of evidence which can at all be had; and sometimes it is of such a nature as to carry as full conviction to the mind as the most direct and satisfactory testimony. This was not, indeed, the case in the instance before us: for it would not be difficult to institute widely different processes of hypothetical argument on the simple fact of the mantle having been left in her possession. There are cases, however, in which it is almost irresistibly conclusive. And yet true it is that there have been instances in which sentence has been passed on the ground of circumstantial evidence such has, at the time, appeared clear beyond controversy, and has carried the fullest conviction to counsel, and jury, and judge — in which, notwithstanding, the innocence of the party condemned has subsequently been brought unexpectedly and strangely to light. All that can be said, therefore, is that while it is a species of proof which it is impossible to discard, and which it would be the height of absurdity to speak of discarding, yet it is one which ought to be investigated with the utmost caution and minuteness, and all delay possible afforded for subjecting it to the test of time — so long as there seems any likelihood of new circumstances coming to light, or of any conscience which fear may be holding in its bonds, and by this means sealing the lips, relenting and disclosing. And wherever there is room for the slightest doubt, the benefit of it should be given to the accused.

(R. Wardlaw, D. D).

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