Lamentations 2:19
Arise, cry out in the night from the first watch of the night. Pour out your heart like water in the presence of the Lord. Lift up your hands to Him for the lives of your children who are fainting from hunger on the corner of every street.
Night CriesT. L. Cuyler.Lamentations 2:19
Watchnight ServiceLamentations 2:19
Watch-Night ServiceCharles Haddon Spurgeon Lamentations 2:19
The Entreaty of AnguishJ.R. Thomson Lamentations 2:18, 19
This surely is one of those passages which justify the title of this book; these utterances are "lamentations" indeed; never did human sorrow make of language anything more resembling a wail than this.

I. THE SOULS FROM WHICH TEARFUL ENTEATIES ARISE The true language of passion - this utterance is lacking in coherence. The heart of the people cries aloud; the very walls of the city are invoked in their desolation to call upon the Lord. Clearly the distress is that of the inhabitants of the wretched city, of those survivors whose fate is sadder than that of those who fell by the sword.


1. Personal want, suffering, and distress.

2. The spectacle of the woes of others, especially of children. Literature has no more agonizing picture than this of the young children fainting and dying of hunger in every street.

III. THE BEING TO WHOM THE SUPPLICATIONS OF THE ANGUISHED ARE ADDRESSED. In such circumstances vain is the help of man. Upon whom shall Jerusalem call but upon the Lord, the King of the city, the great Patron and Protector of the chosen nation, who has forsaken even his own people because they have forgotten him, and in whose favour alone is hope of salvation?


1. It is sorrowful, accompanied by many tears, flowing like a river and pausing not.

2. Earnest, as appears from the description - heart, eyes, and hands all uniting in the appeal with imploring prayer.

3. Continuous; for not only by day, but through the night watches, supplications ascend unto heaven, invoking compassion and aid. - T.

Arise, cry out in the night.
Methinks I might become a Jeremiah tonight, and weep as he, for surely the Church at large is in almost as evil a condition. Oh, Zion, how hast thou been veiled in a cloud, and how is thy honour trodden in the dust! Arise, ye sons of Zion, and weep for your mother, yea, weep bitterly, for she hath given herself to other lovers, and forsaken the Lord that bought her. We leave Zion, however, to speak to those who need exhortation more than Zion does; to speak to those who are Zion's enemies, or followers of Zion, and yet not belonging to her ranks.

1. It is never too soon to pray. You are lying on your bed; the gracious" Splint" " whispers — "Arise, and pray to God." Well, there is no reason why you should, delay till the morning light; in the beginning of the watches pour out thine heart like water before the face of the Lord." Need we remind, you that "delays are dangerous"? Need we tell you that those are the workings of Satan? For the Holy Ghost, when He strives with man, says, "Today, if ye will hear His voice, harden not your heart."

2. Again, it is not too late to cry to the Lord; for if the sun be set, and the watches of the night have commenced their round, the mercy seat is open. There have been some older than you can be; some as sinful and vile, and heinously wicked, who have provoked God as much, who have shined against him as frequently, and yet they have found pardon.

3. We cannot pray too vehemently, for the text says, "Arise, cry out in the night." God loves earnest prayers. He loves impetuous prayers — vehement prayers. "Arise, cry out in the night," and God will hear you, if you cry out with all your souls, and pour out your hearts before Him.

4. We cannot pray too simply. Just hear how the Psalmist has it: "Pour out your hearts before Him." Not "pour out your fine words," not "pour out your beautiful periods," but "pour out your hearts." Pour out your heart like water. How does water run out? The quickest way it can; that's all. It never stops much about how it runs. That is the way the Lord loves to have it. Pour out your heart like water; pour it out by confessing all your sins; pour it out by begging the Lord to have mercy upon you for Christ's sake; pour it out like water. And when it is all poured out, He will come and fill it again with "wines on the lees, well refined."

( C. H. Spurgeon.)

"Pull the night bell." This is the inscription we often see written on the doorpost of the shop in which medicines are sold. Some of us have had our experiences with night bells when sudden illness has overtaken some member of our households, or when sickness has rapidly grown worse. How have we hurried through the silent streets, when only here and there a light glimmered from some chamber window! How eagerly have we pulled the night bell at our physician's door, and then, with prescription in hand, have sounded the alarm at the place where the remedy was to be procured. Those of us who have had these lovely midnight walks, and have given the summons for quick relief, know the meaning of that text, "Arise, cry out in the night."

(T. L. Cuyler.)

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