Proverbs 30:18
There are three things too wonderful for me, four that I cannot understand:
The Christian Evidence of TeleologyJacob Cooper, D.D.Proverbs 30:18-19
The EagleR. Newton.Proverbs 30:18-19
The Mystery of ActionsE. Johnson Proverbs 30:18-20

I. THERE ARE ACTIONS WHICH, LIKE THE FLIGHT OF THE EAGLE, OR THE PASSAGE OF THE SHIP, LEAVE NO VISIBLE TRACE BEHIND. What seems to strike the mind of the simple-hearted Agur is the fact that criminal deeds may be committed and, seemingly, leave as little trace behind.

II. BUT THE MYSTERY AND SECRECY OF ALL ACTIONS ARE KNOWN TO GOD. We are naked and open to the eyes of him with whom we have to do. And God shall bring every secret work into judgment. Every act leaves its trace in the world of spirit. - J.

There be three things which are too wonderful for me.
A confession of ignorance is always a hopeful sign. Only that which is necessary for man to know at the successive stages of his development, and which he could not find out by his own unaided powers, was disclosed through inspiration. So far from fathoming the depths of omniscience, the inspired writers often did not discern the full purport of their own utterances, They were the mouthpieces through which God spoke to enlighten the world during all time. Natural science can explain much related to the flight of the eagle and the movement of the serpent, and yet the real problem remains unsolved and seems to mock human skill.

1. In whatever domain of nature we look we find evidences of a wisdom and power which are above material forces and our skill in imitating them.

2. From the proofs of external nature, every rational creature comes into such relations with God that he must, unless blindly perverse, feel himself subject to Divine power, and under obligations to perfect obedience.

3. It is of our own choosing if we grovel in that which is mean and low, for we are constantly invited to a higher life, to purer thoughts, to nobler works.

4. Man is, however, still subject to the difficulties of his environment, so far as his material nature is concerned. Birth into newness of life is by an energy which is beyond nature, both in its origin and in its working, but it is clearly seen in its effects.

(Jacob Cooper, D.D.)

The way of an eagle in the air
Four wonderful things about the eagle.

1. It is wonderful for its strength. Shown in its swiftness; the great height to which it flies; the heavy food it can carry.

2. Its sight. It can rise from its rest at noon, and go soaring up towards the sun. It can go on rising higher and higher, and yet all the time be gazing steadily at the full-orbed splendour which is shining round it. From its great height the eagle can see even little hen walking about on the earth.

3. Its training. The parent eagles teach the young ones how to fly, so that when they grow up they may be able to take care of themselves.

4. Its safety. In its nest, on the top of some mountain peak, far away out of reach of danger.

(R. Newton.)

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