The Seventh Commandment
Exodus 20:14
You shall not commit adultery.

Leighton, in explaining this precept, says, I purpose not to reckon up particularly the several sorts and degrees of sin here forbidden, for chastity is a delicate, tender grace, and can scarcely endure the much naming of itself, far less of those things that are so contrary to it. If you would be freed from the danger and importunity of this evil, make use of these usual and very useful rules:

1. Be sober and temperate in diet: withdraw fuel.

2. Be modest and circumspect in your carriage. Guard your ears and eyes, and watch over all your deportment. Beware of undue and dangerous familiarities with any, upon what pretence soever.

3. Be choice in your society, for there is much in that.

4. In general flee all occasions and incentives to uncleanness. But the solid cure must begin within, otherwise all outward remedies will fail. Then,

(1) Seek a total entire change of heart and to find the sanctifying Spirit of grace within you.

(2) Labour to have the heart possessed with a deep apprehension of the holiness and purity of God, and then of His presence and eye upon all your actions and thoughts.

(3) Acquaint yourselves with spiritual enjoyments.

(4) Increase in the love of Christ. Alas! the misery which the sin here forbidden produces!

Parallel Verses
KJV: Thou shalt not commit adultery.

WEB: "You shall not commit adultery.

The Seventh Commandment
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