1 Samuel 24
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David Spares Saul

1And it will be when Saul turned back from after the rovers, and they will announce to him, saying, Behold, David in the desert of Engedi. 2And Saul will take three thousand men chosen from all Israel, and he will go to seek David and his men upon the face of the rocks of the wild goats. 3And he will come to the sheepfolds upon the way, and there a cave; and Saul will come in to cover his feet: and David and his men dwelling in the sides of the cave. 4And David's men will say to him, Behold the day of which Jehovah spake to thee, Behold, I give thine enemy into thy hand, and do to him as it will be good in thine eyes. And David will rise and cut off the wing of the upper garment which is to Saul, secretly. 5And it will be after this, the heart of David will strike him because that he cut off the wing which is to Saul. 6And he will say to his men, Far be it to me from Jehovah if I shall do this word to my lord, to the Messiah of Jehovah, to stretch forth my hand against him, for he is the Messiah of Jehovah. 7And David will divide his men with words, and he gave them not to rise against Saul, and Saul rose up from the cave and went in the way.

8And David will rise up after him and will come forth from the cave, and he will call after Saul, saying, My lord the king. And Saul will look behind him, and David will bow down his face to the earth, and worship him. 9And David will say to Saul, Why wilt thou hear the words of man, saying, Behold, David is seeking thy hurt? 10Behold, this day thine eyes saw that Jehovah gave thee this day into my hand in the cave: and it was said to kill thee; and it had pity upon thee, and saying, I will not stretch forth my hand against my lord, for he is Jehovah's Messiah. 11And my father, see, also see, the wing of thy upper garment in my hand: for in my cutting off the wing of thine upper garment and I killed thee not, know and see that there is not in my hand evil and rebellion: and I sinned not against thee; and thou didst hunt my soul to take it. 12And Jehovah will judge between me and between thee, and Jehovah avenge me of thee: and my hand shall not be upon thee. 13As the ancient parable will say, Injustice will go forth from the unjust; and my hand shall not be upon thee. 14After whom did the king of Israel come forth? after whom pursuest thou? after a dead dog? after one flea? 15And Jehovah being for defender, and judge between me and between thee; and he will see and plead my cause, and he will judge me out of thine hand.

David’s Oath to Saul

16And it will be as David finished speaking these words to Saul, and Saul will say, Is this thy voice, my son David? And Saul will lift up his voice and weep. 17And he will say to David, Thou art just above me, for thou didst reward me good and I rewarded thee evil. 18And thou didst announce to me this day that thou didst good with me; when Jehovah shut me up in thine hand and thou killedst me not. 19And if a man shall find his enemy and send him in the way well? and Jehovah will recompense thee well for this day what thou didst to me. 20And now, behold, I knew that thou wilt reign king, and the kingdom of Israel being set up in thy hand. 21And now swear to me by Jehovah if thou wilt cut off my seed after me, and if thou wilt destroy my name from my father's house. 22And David will swear to Saul. And Saul will go to his house, and David and his men went up upon the fortress.

The Holy Bible Containing the Old and New Testaments; Translated Literally From The Original Tongues by Julia E. Smith

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