2 Chronicles 12
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Shishak Raids Jerusalem
(1 Kings 14:25–28)

1And it will be when Rehoboam established the kingdom, and when he strengthened himself, he forsook the law of Jehovah, and all Israel with him. 2And it will be in the fifth year to king Rehoboam, Shishak king of Egypt came up against Jerusalem, (for they transgressed against Jehovah,) 3With a thousand and two hundred chariots, and with sixty thousand horsemen: and no number to the people that came with him out of Egypt; the Lubims, Sukkims, and the Cushites. 4And he will take fortified cities which were to Judah and he will come even to Jerusalem. 5And Shemaiah the prophet came to Rehoboam, and the chiefs of Judah who were gathered together to Jerusalem from the face of Shishak, and he will say to them, Thus said Jehovah, Ye forsook me, and I also left you in the hand of Shishak. 6And the chiefs of Israel, and the king, will humble themselves; and they will say, Jehovah is just.

7And in Jehovah's seeing that they humbled themselves, the word of Jehovah was to Shemaiah, saying, They humbled themselves; I will not destroy them, and I gave to them as a little for deliverance; and my wrath shall not be poured out upon Jerusalem by the hand of Shishak. 8For they shall be to him for servants; and they shall know my service and the service of the kingdoms of the lands.

9And Shishak king of Egypt will come up against Jerusalem, and will take the treasures of the house of Jehovah, and the treasures of the house of the king; he took the whole: and he will take the shields of gold that Solomon made. 10And king Rehoboam will make instead of them, shields of brass, and he deposited upon the hand of the chiefs of the runners, those watching the entrance of the king's house. 11And it will be as often as the king came into the house of Jehovah the runners came and lifted them up and turned them back to the chamber of the runners. 12And in his humbling himself, the anger of Jehovah turned back from him, and not to destroy to the end: and also in Judah was good words.

Rehoboam’s Reign and Death
(1 Kings 14:21–24)

13And king Rehoboam will strengthen himself in Jerusalem, and he will reign: for the son of forty and one years was Rehoboam in his reigning, and seventeen years he reigned in Jerusalem, the city which Jehovah chose to set his name there from all the tribes of Israel. And the name of his mother, Naamah the Ammonitess. 14And he will do evil, for he prepared not his heart to seek Jehovah.

15And the words of Rehoboam, the first and the last, are they not written in the words of Shemaiah the prophet, and Iddo the seeing for the enrolling? And wars of Rehoboam and Jeroboam all the days. 16And Rehoboam will lie down with his fathers, and be buried in the city of David: and Abijah his son will reign in his stead.

The Holy Bible Containing the Old and New Testaments; Translated Literally From The Original Tongues by Julia E. Smith

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