Micah 2
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Woe to Oppressors

1Wo to them purposing vanity, and working evil upon their beds! In the light of the morning they will do it because it is to the strength of their hand.

2And they desired fields, and they took by force; and houses, and they took away: and they oppressed a man and his house, and a man and his inheritance.

3For this, thus said Jehovah: Behold me purposing evil against this family, which ye shall not remove your necks from thence; and ye shall not go loftily: for it is an evil time.

4In that day a parable shall be lifted up against you, and a wailing of a wailing was wailed, saying, Being laid waste, we shall be laid waste: he will exchange a portion of my people: how he will remove to me; for turning away, he will divide our fields.

5For this there shall not be to thee any casting a cord by lot in the convocation of Jehovah.

Reproof of False Prophets
(Ezekiel 13:1–16)

6Ye shall not let fall in drops; they shall let fall in drops; they shall not let fall in drops for these; shame shall not be removed.

7Causing the house of Jacob to say, Was the spirit of Jehovah shortened? if these his doings? shall not my words do good to a people going straight?

8Aforetime my people for the enemy: he will raise them up from before the garment; ye will put off the wide cloak from those passing by with confidence, turning back the war.

9The women of my people ye will thrust out from the house of her delights; from her children ye will take my majesty forever.

10Arise ye, and go, for this is not the rest: because it was defiled it will destroy, and with a sore destruction.

11If a man going in the spirit and falsehood, lying, I will drop to thee for wine and for strong drink; and he was the dropping of this people.

The Remnant of Israel
(Micah 5:7–15)

12Gathering, O Jacob, I will gather all of thee; collecting, I will collect the remnant of Israel; together I will set them as the sheep of Bozrah, as the flock in the midst of their pasture they shall make noise from man.

13He breaking forth came up before them: they broke forth and they will pass through the gate, they will go forth by it; and their king will pass through before them and Jehovah at their head.

The Holy Bible Containing the Old and New Testaments; Translated Literally From The Original Tongues by Julia E. Smith

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