Proverbs 15
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A Gentle Answer Turns Away Wrath

1A soft answer will turn away wrath, and a word of pain will bring up anger.

2The tongue of the wise will make knowledge good: and the mouth of the foolish will gush forth folly.

3In every place are the eyes of Jehovah observing closely the evil and the good.

4The healing of the tongue the tree of life: and perverseness in it a breaking in the spirit.

5The foolish will deride his father's instruction: and he watching reproof will be crafty.

6The house of the just much treasure: and in the increase of the unjust the being troubled.

7The lips of the wise will disperse knowledge: and the heart of the foolish not so.

8The sacrifice of the unjust an abomination of Jehovah: and the prayer of the upright his acceptance.

9The way of the unjust an abomination of Jehovah: and he will love him pursuing justice.

10Correction is evil to him forsaking the way: he hating reproof shall die.

11Hades and destruction are before Jehovah: much more the hearts of the sons of man.

12He mocking will not love him reproving him: to the wise he will not go.

13A heart of joy will do the face good: and by pains of heart the spirit was dejected.

14The heart of him understanding will seek knowledge: and the face of the foolish will feed folly.

15All the days of the afflicted are evil: and the good of heart drinking always.

16Good is little with the fear of Jehovah more than much treasure and confusion with it.

17Good a ration of herbs and love there, above an ox of the stall and hatred with it.

18A man of wrath will excite strife: and he slow to anger will appease contention.

19The way of the slothful as the cutting of the thorn: and the path of the upright was raised up.

20A wise son will gladden the father: and the foolish man despised his mother.

21Folly is joy to him wanting heart: and the man of understanding will make straight to go.

22The frustrating purposes with no counsel, but in the multitude of counselors it shall be set up.

23Joy to the man in the answer of his mouth: and a word in its time how good.

24The path of life is above to the understanding one, to depart from hades below.

25The house of the proud will Jehovah sweep away, and he will set up the bound of the widow.

26The purposes of evil an abomination of Jehovah: and the pure speaking of pleasantness.

27He plundering plunder troubled his house; and he hating gifts shall live.

28The heart of the just one shall meditate to answer: and the mouth of the unjust shall gush out evil.

29Jehovah is far off from the unjust: and he will hear the prayer of the just.

30From the light of the eyes the heart will rejoice: and a good report will fatten the bones.

31The ear hearing the reproof of life shall lodge in the midst of the wise.

32He driving away instruction despised his soul: and he hearing reproof obtained a heart.

33The fear of Jehovah the instruction of wisdom; and before honor humility.

The Holy Bible Containing the Old and New Testaments; Translated Literally From The Original Tongues by Julia E. Smith

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