Deuteronomy 28:54
Text Analysis
376 [e]הָאִישׁ֙
The manArt | N-ms
7390 [e]הָרַ֣ךְ
sensitiveArt | Adj-ms
among youPrep | 2ms
6028 [e]וְהֶעָנֹ֖ג
and refinedConj-w, Art | Adj-ms
3966 [e]מְאֹ֑ד
7489 [e]תֵּרַ֨ע
will begrudgeV-Qal-Imperf-3fs
5869 [e]עֵינ֤וֹ
his eyeN-csc | 3ms
251 [e]בְאָחִיו֙
his brotherPrep-b | N-msc | 3ms
802 [e]וּבְאֵ֣שֶׁת
and toward the wifeConj-w, Prep-b | N-fsc
2436 [e]חֵיק֔וֹ
of his bosomN-msc | 3ms
3499 [e]וּבְיֶ֥תֶר
and toward the restConj-w, Prep-b | N-msc
1121 [e]בָּנָ֖יו
of his childrenN-mpc | 3ms
834 [e]אֲשֶׁ֥ר
3498 [e]יוֹתִֽיר׃
he leaves behindV-Hifil-Imperf-3ms

Hebrew Texts
דברים 28:54 Hebrew OT: Westminster Leningrad Codex
הָאִישׁ֙ הָרַ֣ךְ בְּךָ֔ וְהֶעָנֹ֖ג מְאֹ֑ד תֵּרַ֨ע עֵינֹ֤ו בְאָחִיו֙ וּבְאֵ֣שֶׁת חֵיקֹ֔ו וּבְיֶ֥תֶר בָּנָ֖יו אֲשֶׁ֥ר יֹותִֽיר׃

דברים 28:54 Hebrew OT: WLC (Consonants Only)
האיש הרך בך והענג מאד תרע עינו באחיו ובאשת חיקו וביתר בניו אשר יותיר׃

דברים 28:54 Paleo-Hebrew OT: WLC (Font Required)
האיש הרך בך והענג מאד תרע עינו באחיו ובאשת חיקו וביתר בניו אשר יותיר׃

דברים 28:54 Hebrew Bible
האיש הרך בך והענג מאד תרע עינו באחיו ובאשת חיקו וביתר בניו אשר יותיר׃

Parallel Verses
New American Standard Bible
"The man who is refined and very delicate among you shall be hostile toward his brother and toward the wife he cherishes and toward the rest of his children who remain,

King James Bible
So that the man that is tender among you, and very delicate, his eye shall be evil toward his brother, and toward the wife of his bosom, and toward the remnant of his children which he shall leave:

Holman Christian Standard Bible
The most sensitive and refined man among you will look grudgingly at his brother, the wife he embraces, and the rest of his children,
Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

his eye

Deuteronomy 15:9 Beware that there be not a thought in your wicked heart, saying, …

Proverbs 23:6 Eat you not the bread of him that has an evil eye, neither desire …

Proverbs 28:22 He that hastens to be rich has an evil eye, and considers not that …

Matthew 20:15 Is it not lawful for me to do what I will with my own? Is your eye …

and toward The Roman armies at length besieged, sacked, and utterly desolated Jerusalem: and during this seige, the famine was so extreme, that even rich and delicate persons, both men and women, ate their own children, and concealed the horrible repast, lest others should tear it from them! `Women snatched the food out of the very mouths of their husbands, and sons of their fathers, and (what is most miserable) mothers of their infants.' `In every house, if there appeared any semblance of food, a battle ensued, and the dearest friends and relations fought with one another; snatching away from the miserable provisions of life.' `A woman distinguished by birth and wealth, after she had been plundered by the tyrants (or soldiers) of all her possessions, boiling her own sucking child, ate half of him, and concealing the other half, reserved it for another time!'

Deuteronomy 13:6 If your brother, the son of your mother, or your son, or your daughter, …

2 Samuel 12:3 But the poor man had nothing, save one little ewe lamb, which he …

Micah 7:5 Trust you not in a friend, put you not confidence in a guide: keep …

his children

Psalm 103:13 Like as a father pities his children, so the LORD pities them that fear him.

Isaiah 49:15 Can a woman forget her sucking child, that she should not have compassion …

Matthew 7:9-11 Or what man is there of you, whom if his son ask bread, will he give …

Luke 11:11-12 If a son shall ask bread of any of you that is a father, will he …

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