Psalm 82:7
Text Analysis
403 [e]אָ֭כֵן
120 [e]כְּאָדָ֣ם
like menPrep-k | N-ms
4191 [e]תְּמוּת֑וּן
you shall dieV-Qal-Imperf-2mp | Pn
259 [e]וּכְאַחַ֖ד
and like oneConj-w, Prep-k | Number-msc
8269 [e]הַשָּׂרִ֣ים
of the princesArt | N-mp
5307 [e]תִּפֹּֽלוּ׃

Hebrew Texts
תהילים 82:7 Hebrew OT: Westminster Leningrad Codex
אָ֭כֵן כְּאָדָ֣ם תְּמוּת֑וּן וּכְאַחַ֖ד הַשָּׂרִ֣ים תִּפֹּֽלוּ׃

תהילים 82:7 Hebrew OT: WLC (Consonants Only)
אכן כאדם תמותון וכאחד השרים תפלו׃

תהילים 82:7 Paleo-Hebrew OT: WLC (Font Required)
אכן כאדם תמותון וכאחד השרים תפלו׃

תהילים 82:7 Hebrew Bible
אכן כאדם תמותון וכאחד השרים תפלו׃

Parallel Verses
New American Standard Bible
"Nevertheless you will die like men And fall like any one of the princes."

King James Bible
But ye shall die like men, and fall like one of the princes.

Holman Christian Standard Bible
However, you will die like men and fall like any other ruler."
Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


Psalm 49:12 Nevertheless man being in honor stays not: he is like the beasts that perish.

Job 21:32 Yet shall he be brought to the grave, and shall remain in the tomb.

Ezekiel 31:14 To the end that none of all the trees by the waters exalt themselves …

like men. Or, like Adam
and fall. Or, as fall as one of them, O ye princes.

Psalm 83:11 Make their nobles like Oreb, and like Zeeb: yes, all their princes …

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