Exodus 4
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Moses’ Staff

1Moses answered and sayde: Se, they wil not beleue me nor herke vnto my voyce: but wil saye, the Lorde hath not apeared vnto the. 2Then the Lorde saide vnto him: what is that in thine hande? and he sayde, a rodd. 3And he sayde, cast it on the grounde, and it turned vnto a serpent. And Moses ra awaye from it. 4And the Lorde sayde vnto Moses: put forth thine hande ad take it by the tayle. And he put forth his hande and caught it, and it became a rodd agayne in his hand, 5that they may beleue that the Lorde God of their fathers, the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac ad the God of Iacob hath appeared vnto the.

Moses’ Hand

6And the Lorde sayde forther more vnto him: thrust thine hande in to thy bosome. And he thrust his hande in to his bosome and toke it out. And beholde, his hand was leporous euen as snowe. 7And he saide: put thine hande in to thy bosome agayne. And he put his hande in to his bosome agayne, and plucked it out of his bosome, and beholde, it was turned agayn as his other flesh. 8Yf they will no t beleue the nether heare the voyce of the first token: yet will they beleue the voyce of the seconde toke 9But and yf they will not beleue the two signes nether herken vnto thy voyce, then take of the water of the riuer and poure it vpon the drye lond. And the water which thou takest out of the riuer shall turne to bloude vpon the drie londe.

The Appointment of Aaron

10And Moses sayde vnto the Lorde: oh my Lorde. I am not eloquet, no not in tymes past and namely sence thou hast spoken vnto thy seruaunte: but I am slowe mouthed and slowe tongued. 11And the Lorde sayde vnto hi: who hath made mas mouth, or who hath made the domme or the deaff, the seynge or the blynde? haue not I the Lorde? 12Go therfore and I wilbe with thy mouth and teach the what thou shalt saye. 13And he sayde: oh my Lorde, send I pray the whome thou wilt.

14And the Lorde was angrie with Moses and sayde: I knowe Aaro thy brother the leuite that he can speake. And morouer behold, he cometh out agaynst the, ad whe he seyth the, he wilbe glad i his hert. 15And thou shalt speake vnto hi and put the wordes in his mouth, ad I wilbe with thy mouth ad with his mouth, ad will teach you what ye shal do. 16And he shalbe thy spokesma vnto the people: he shall be thy mouth ad thou shalt be his God. 17and take this rodd in thy hade, wherwith thou shalt do myracles.

Moses Leaves for Egypt

18And Moses went ad returned to Iethro his father in lawe agayne ad seyde vnto hi: let me goo (I praye the) ad turne agayne vnto my brethern which are in Egipte, that I may se whether they be yet alyue. And Iethro sayde to Moses: goo in peace. 19And the Lorde sayde vnto Moses in Madia: returne agayne in to Egipte for they are dead which wet aboute to kyll the 20And Moses toke his wife and his sonnes and put them on an asse, and went agayne to Egipte, and toke the rodd of God in his hande.

21And the Lorde sayde vnto Moses: when thou art come in to Egipte agayne, se that thou doo all the wondres before Pharao which I haue put in thy hande: but I will harden his herte, so that he shall not let the people goo. 22And tell Pharao, thus sayth the Lorde: Israel is mine eldest sonne, 23and therfore sayth vnto the: let my sonne goo, that he may serue me. Yf thou wilt not let hi goo: beholde, I will slee thine eldest sonne.

24And it chaunced by the waye in the ynne, that the Lorde mett him and wolde haue kylled him. 25Than Zepora toke a stone ad circumcised hyr sonne and fell at hys fette, and sayde: a bloudy husband art thou vnto me. 26And he lett him goo. She sayde a bloudy husbonde, because of the circumcision.

The People Believe Moses and Aaron

27Than sayde the Lorde vnto Aaron: go mete Moses in the wildernesse. And he went and mett him in the mounte of God and kissed hi 28And Moses told Aaron all the wordes of the Lorde which he had sent by him, ad all the tokens which he had charged him with all. 29So went Moses and Aaron and gatherd all the elders of the childern of Israel. 30And Aaro told all the wordes which the Lorde had spoke vnto Moses, and dyd the myracles in the syght of the people, 31and the people beleued. And whe they herde that the Lord had visited the children of Israel and had loked vpon their tribulacion, they bowed them selues and worshipped

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