Galatians 3
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Faith and Belief
(James 2:14–26)

1O folisshe Galathyas: who hath bewitched you that ye shuld not beleve the trueth? To whom Iesus Christ was described before the eyes and amoge you crucified. 2This only wolde I learne of you: receaved ye the sprete by the dedes of ye lawe or els by preachinge of ye faith? 3Are ye so vnwyse that after ye have begonne in the sprete ye wolde nowe ende in the flesshe? 4So many thinges there ye have suffred in vayne if yt be vayne. 5Which ministered to you the sprete and worketh myracles amonge you doth he it thorow the dedes of the lawe or by preachinge of the fayth?

6Even as Abraham beleved God and it was asscribed to him for rightewesnes. 7Vnderstonde therfore yt they which are of fayth the same are the chyldren of Abraham. 8For the seripture sawe afore honde yt God wolde iustifie the hethen thorow fayth and therfore shewed before honde glad tydinges vnto Abraham: In the shall all nacions be blessed. 9So then they which be of fayth are blessed with faythfull Abraham.

Christ Has Redeemed Us

10For as many as are vnder the dedes of the lawe are vnder malediccio. For it is written: cursed is every man yt cotinueth not in all thinges which are writte in ye boke of ye lawe to fulfill the. 11That no ma is iustified by ye lawe in ye sight of God is evidet. For the iuste shall live by fayth. 12The lawe is not of fayth: but the man that fulfilleth the thinges contayned in the lawe (shall live in the.) 13But Christ hath delivered vs fro the curse of the lawe and was made a cursed for vs. For it is writte: cursed is every one that hangeth on tree 14that the blessynge of Abraham might come on the getyls thorow Iesus Christ and that we might receave the promes of the sprete thorow fayth.

The Purpose of the Law
(Romans 7:1–6)

15Brethren I will speake after the maner of men. Though it be but a mans testament yet no ma despiseth it or addeth eny thinge therto when it is once alowed. 16To Abraham and his seed were the promises made. He sayth not in the seedes as in many: but in thy sede as in one which is Christ. 17This I saye that the lawe which beganne afterwarde beyonde .iiii.C and .xxx. yeares doth not disanull the testament that was confermed afore of God vnto Christ ward to make the promes of none effect. 18For yf the inheritaunce come of the lawe it cometh not of promes. But God gave it vnto Abraham by promes.

19Wherfore then serveth ye lawe? The lawe was added because of transgression (tyll the seed cam to which ye promes was made) and it was ordeyned by angels in ye honde of a mediator. 20A mediator is not a mediator of one. But God is one. 21Ys the lawe then agaynst ye promes of God? God forbid. How be it yf ther had bene a lawe geve which coulde have geven lyfe: then no doute rightewesnes shuld have come by ye lawe. 22But ye scripture concluded all thinges vnder synne yt the promes by the fayth of Iesus Christ shuld be geve vnto them yt beleve.

23Before yt fayth cam we were kept and shut vp vnder the lawe vnto the fayth which shuld afterwarde be declared. 24Wherfore the lawe was oure scolemaster vnto the tyme of Christ yt we might be made rightewes by fayth. 25But after yt fayth is come now are we no lenger vnder a scolemaster.

Sons through Faith in Christ

26For ye are all the sonnes of God by ye fayth which is in Christ Ie sus. 27For all ye that are baptised have put on Christ. 28Now is ther no Iewe nether getyle: ther is nether bonde ner fre: ther is nether man ner woman: but ye are all one thinge in Christ Iesu. 29Yf ye be Christes then are ye Abrahams seed and heyres by promes.

Tyndale Bible of 1526

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