Matthew 28
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The Resurrection
(Mark 16:1–8; Luke 24:1–12; John 20:1–9)

1The Sabboth daye at even which dauneth the morowe after the Sabboth Mary Magdalene and the other Mary came to se the sepulcre. 2And beholde ther was a greate erth quake. For the angell of ye lorde descended from heven: and came and rowlled backe the stone from the dore and sate apon it. 3His countenaunce was lyke lyghtnynge and his raymet whyte as snowe. 4And for feare of him the kepers were astunnyed and became as deed men. 5The angell answered and sayde to the wemen feare ye not. I knowe yt ye seke Iesus which was crucified: 6he is not here: he is rysen as he sayde. Come and se the place where the lorde was put: 7and goo quickly and tell his disciples yt he is rysen from deeth. And beholde he will go before you into Galile there ye shall se him. Lo I have tolde you.

8And they departed quickly from the sepulcre with feare and greate Ioye: and did runne to bringe his disciples worde. 9And as they went to tell his disciples: beholde Iesus met them sayinge: All hayle. And they came and held him by the fete and worshipped him.

10The sayde Iesus vnto them: be not afrayde. Go and tell my brethren that they goo in to Galile and there shall they se me.

The Report of the Guards

11When they were gone: beholde some of the kepers came into the cyte and shewed vnto the hie prestes all the thinges that were hapened. 12And they gaddered them to gedder with the elders and toke counsell and gave large money vnto the soudiers 13sayinge: Saye that his disciples came by nyght and stole him awaye whill ye slept. 14And if this come to the rulers cares we wyll pease him and save you harmeles. 15And they toke the money and dyd as they were taught. And this sayinge is noysed amoge the Iewes vnto this daye.

The Great Commission
(Mark 16:14–18)

16Then the .xi. disciples went awaye into Galile in to a mountayne where Iesus had appoynted them. 17And when they sawe hym they worshipped him. But some of them douted. 18And Iesus came and spake vnto them sayinge: All power ys geve vnto me in heve and in erth. 19Go therfore and teache all nacions baptysinge them in the name of the father and the sonne and the holy goost: 20Teachinge them to observe all thynges what soever I comcommaunded you. And lo I am with you all waye even vntyll the ende of the worlde.

Tyndale Bible of 1526

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