Hosea 11
Young's Literal Translation

Out of Egypt I called my Son

(Matthew 2:13-15)

1Because Israel [is] a youth, and I love him, Out of Egypt I have called for My Son.

2They have called to them rightly, They have gone from before them, To lords they do sacrifice, And to graven images they make perfume.

3And I have caused Ephraim to go on foot, Taking them by their arms, And they have not known that I strengthened them.

4With cords of man I do draw them, With thick cords of love, And I am to them as a raiser up of a yoke on their jaws, And I incline unto him — I feed [him].

5He turneth not back unto the land of Egypt, And Asshur — he [is] his king, For they have refused to return.

6Grievous hath been the sword in his cities, And it hath ended his bars, and consumed — from their own counsels.

7And My people are hanging in suspense, about My returning, And unto the Most High they do call, Together they exalt not.

God's Mercy Toward Israel

8How do I give thee up, O Ephraim? Do I deliver thee up, O Israel? How do I make thee as Admah? Do I set thee as Zeboim? Turned in Me is My heart, kindled together have been My repentings.

9I do not the fierceness of My anger, I turn not back to destroy Ephraim, For God I [am], and not a man. In thy midst the Holy One, and I enter not in enmity,

10After Jehovah they go — as a lion He roareth, When He doth roar, then tremble do the sons from the west.

11They tremble as a sparrow out of Egypt, And as a dove out of the land of Asshur, And I have caused them to dwell in their own houses, An affirmation of Jehovah.

12Compassed Me with feigning hath Ephraim, And with deceit the house of Israel. And Judah again is ruling with God, And with the Holy Ones [is] faithful!

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