Acts 28
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1And after this we learned that this island was called Melita. 2And the Barbarians who were dwelling in it showed us great kindness and kindled a fire and called us all to warm ourselves, because there was much cold rain. 3And Paulus took a bunch of sticks and set them on the fire and a viper came out of them from the heat of the fire, and it bit his hand. 4And when the Barbarians saw it hanging on his hand, they were saying, “Perhaps this man is a murderer who, while he has escaped from the sea, justice would not let live.” 5Then Paulus shook his hand and threw the viper into the fire, and nothing bad happened to him. 6But the Barbarians were thinking that he would immediately swell up and drop dead on the ground. When they had waited for a long time and saw that no evil effect had occurred to him, they changed their talk and they said, “He is a god.”

7But there was in that place a village belonging to a man whose name was Puplios, who was The Chief of the island, and he joyfully received us into his house for three days. 8The father of Puplios had a fever and was ill with a disease of the intestines and Paulus entered his presence and prayed and laid his hand upon him and healed him. 9And when this happened, the rest of those who were sick in the island were coming to him, and they were healed. 10And they honored us greatly, and when we were leaving from there, they loaded us with provisions.

11But we went out after three months and journeyed on an Alexandrian ship which had harbored at that island, and it had on it the sign of The Twins. 12And we came to the city Syracuse and remained there for three days. 13And from there, we traveled around and came to the city, Rhegion; after one day, the wind blew for us from the south and in two days we came to Putielos, a city of Italia. 14And we found brethren there and they begged of us and we stayed there seven days and then we went on to Rome. 15And when the brethren there heard, they came forth to meet us at the Forum, which is called Appius-Forus, and unto The Three Taverns, and when Paulus saw them, he praised God and he was encouraged.

16And we entered Rome and the Centurion allowed Paulus to dwell where he wanted with the Soldier who was guarding him.

17And after three days, Paulus sent to call the Rulers of the Jews. When they assembled, he said to them, “Men, brothers, while in nothing have I opposed the people or the law of my fathers, I was handed over in chains from Jerusalem into the hands of the Romans.” 18“And when they had examined me, they wished to release me, because the Rulers found nothing in me deserving death.” 19“And as the Jews were opposing me, I was compelled to call for an appeal to Caesar, not as if I had any accusation against the children of my people.” 20“Therefore, I begged of you to come and to see you and relate to you these things, because for the hope of Israel I am bound in this chain.” 21And they said to him, “We have not received a letter about you from Judea, neither has anyone of the brethren who came from Jerusalem told us anything evil about you.” 22“But we desire to hear from you what you think, because we know this teaching is not accepted by anyone.”

23And they appointed a day for him, and they gathered and many came to him where he was dwelling. And he revealed to them concerning The Kingdom of God as he testified and persuaded them concerning Yeshua from The Law of Moses and from The Prophets, from morning until evening. 24And some of them were persuaded by his words and others were not persuaded. 25And they were dismissed from his presence, not agreeing with one another, and Paulus spoke this word to them: “Well spoke The Spirit of Holiness, by the mouth of Isaiah The Prophet against your fathers,

26saying, "Go to this people and say to them, “Hearing, you will hear and you will not understand, and you will see and you will not observe.

27The heart of this people has become hard, their hearing they have dulled and their eyes they have shut, lest they shall see with their eyes and hear with their ears and understand in their hearts and turn to me and I would forgive them.'”

28“Know this, therefore: This salvation of God is sent to the Gentiles, for they are listening to it.” 29And when he had said these things, the Jews went forth and many were debating among themselves.

30And Paulus himself lived in his own hired house and was in it for two years; and he was receiving there all of those who were coming to him. 31And he was preaching about The Kingdom of God, and teaching publicly about our Lord Yeshua The Messiah without hindrance.

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