2 Samuel 9
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David and Mephibosheth

1And Dauid sayde: Is there yet any man left of ye house of Saul? For I wil shewe him mercie for Ionathans sake. 2And there was of the householde of Saul, a seruaunt whose name was Ziba, and when they had called him vnto Dauid, the king saide vnto him: Art thou Ziba? He said: Thy seruaunt is he. 3And the king saide: Remaineth there yet any man of the house of Saul, who I may shewe the mercie of God vpon? Ziba aunswered the king: Ionathan hath yet a sonne, which is lame on his feete. 4The king said vnto him: where is he? Ziba saide vnto the king: Behold, he is in the house of Machir the sonne of Amiel of Lodeber. 5Then king Dauid sent, & fet him out of the house of Machir the sonne of Amiel of Lodeber. 6Now when Miphiboseth the sonne of Ionathan ye sonne of Saul was come vnto Dauid, he fell on his face, and dyd reuerence: And Dauid saide, Miphiboseth? He aunswered: Beholde thy seruaunt. 7Dauid saide vnto him: Feare not, for I will surelie shewe thee kindnesse for Ionathan thy fathers sake, and will restore thee all the fieldes of Saul thy father, & thou shalt eate bread on myne owne table continually. 8And he bowed him selfe, and sayde: What is thy seruaunt, that thou shouldest loke vpon such a dead dogge as I am?

9Then the king called to Ziba Sauls seruaunt, and said vnto him: I haue geuen vnto thy maisters sonne all that parteyned to Saul and to all his house. 10Thou therefore, and thy sonnes, and thy seruauntes, shall tyll the land for him, & bring in, that thy maisters sonne may haue foode to eate: But Miphiboseth thy maisters sonne shall eate bread alway vpon my table. For Ziba had fifteene sonnes, & twentie seruauntes. 11Then saide Ziba vnto the king: According to all that my Lorde the king hath commaunded his seruaunt, so shall thy seruaunt do, that Miphiboseth may eate as the king saide vpon my table, as one of the kinges sonnes. 12Miphiboseth had a sonne that was young, named Micha: and al that dwelt in the house of Ziba, were seruauntes vnto Miphiboseth. 13And Miphiboseth dwelt in Hierusalem, for he dyd eate continually at the kinges table, and was lame on both his feete.

Bishops' Bible of 1568

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