Psalm 18
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The LORD Is My Rock
(2 Samuel 22:1–51)

1To the chiefe musition the seruaunt of God, and of Dauid who spake vnto God the wordes of this song in the day that God deliuered him from the hande of all his enemies, and from the hande of Saul: And he sayde. I wyll entirely loue thee O God my strength,

2(18:1) God is my stony rocke & my fortresse, and my delyuerer: my Lorde, my castell in whom I wyll trust, my buckler, the horne of my saluation, & my refuge.

3(18:2) I wyll call vpon God, who is most worthy to be praysed: so I shall be safe from myne enemies.

4(18:3) The panges of death haue compassed me about: and the outragiousnes of the wicked haue astonyed me with feare.

5(18:4) The panges of a graue haue compassed me about: the snares of death ouertoke me.

6(18:5) But in this my distresse I dyd call vppon God, and I made my complaynt vnto my Lorde: he hearde my voyce out of his temple, and my crye came before his face, euen vnto his eares.

7(18:6) The earth trembled and quaked: the very foundations of the hylles tottered and shooke, because he was wroth.

8(18:7) In his anger a smoke ascended vp: and a fire out of his mouth dyd cosume, and euery cole therof dyd set a fire.

9(18:8) He bowed the heauens also, and he came downe: and it was darke vnder his feete.

10(18:9) He ridde vpon the Cherub, and he dyd flee: he came fleeyng vpon the wynges of the wynde.

11(18:10) For his secrete place he dyd put darkenesse: and for his pauilion rounde about hym, he dyd put darknesse of waters in cloudes of the ayre.

12(18:11) His cloudes, haylestones, and coles of fire: fell downe before hym after lyghtnyng.

13(18:12) God also thundred out of heauen: and the most hyghest made his voyce to sounde, haylestones, and coles of fire.

14(18:13) He shot out his arrowes, and scattered them: he cast foorth much lyghtnynges, and destroyed them.

15(18:14) And the bottomes of waters appeared, and the foundations of the rounde worlde were discouered at thy chidyng, O God: at the blast of the breath of thine anger.

16(18:15) He hath sent downe from aboue to fetch me: he hath taken me out of many waters.

17(18:16) He hath deliuered me from my strong enemie: and from them which hate me, for they were to stout for me.

18(18:17) They preuented me in the day of my trouble: but God was vnto me a sure stay.

19(18:18) He brought me also foorth into a place of libertie: he brought me foorth, because he had a fauour vnto me.

20(18:19) God rewarded me after my righteous dealyng: accordyng to the cleannesse of myne handes he recompensed me.

21(18:20) Because I had kept the wayes of God: and had not wickedly shronke from my God.

22(18:21) For all his lawes were before me: and I reiected none of his commaundementes from me.

23(18:22) And I was sounde & pure towardes hym: and I was weery lest I shoulde offende hym with my wickednesse.

24(18:23) Therfore hath God rewarded me after my righteous dealyng: and accordyng to my cleannesse of my handes in his syght.

25(18:24) With the holy thou wylt be holy: with a perfect man thou wylt be perfect.

26(18:25) With the cleane thou wylt be cleane: and with the frowarde thou wylt be frowarde.

27(18:26) For thou hast saued the people oppressed: and thou hast brought downe the hygh lokes of the proude.

28(18:27) Thou also hast lyghtened my candell: God my Lorde hath made my darknesse to be lyght.

29(18:28) For in thee I haue discomfited an hoast of men: and with the helpe of my Lorde I haue skipped ouer the wall.

30(18:29) The way of the Lorde is a perfect way, the worde of God is tryed in the fire: he is a shielde vnto all them that put their trust in hym.

31(18:30) For who is a Lorde besides God: or who hath any strength besides our Lorde?

32(18:31) It is God that hath gyrded me with valiauntnesse of warre: and he hath made my way playne.

33(18:32) He hath made my feete lyke Hartes feete: and he hath set me vp on hygh.

34(18:33) He hath taught my handes to fyght: and myne armes to breake a bowe of steele.

35(18:34) Thou hast geuen me the shielde of thy saluation: thy ryght hande also hath helde me vp, and through thy great gentlenesse I haue increased.

36(18:35) Thou hast made me roomth inough for to go on: so that my feete haue not slypt.

37(18:36) I haue pursued myne enemies and onertaken them: neither dyd I returne backe vntyll I had destroyed them.

38(18:37) I smote them downe, and they are not able to aryse: they haue taken such a fall vnder my feete.

39(18:38) Thou hast gyrded me with strength vnto battayle: thou hast made them to bowe downe vnder me who haue rysen vp agaynst me.

40(18:39) Thou hast geuen me myne enemies neckes: and I haue destroyed them that hated me.

41(18:40) They cryed, but there was none to saue them: they cryed vnto God, but he dyd not heare them.

42(18:41) I dyd beat them to powder, like vnto dust in a wynde: I haue brought them as lowe as durt in the streates.

43(18:42) Thou hast deliuered me from sedition of the people, and thou hast made me head of the heathen: a people whom I haue not knowen serueth me,

44(18:42) assoone as they hearde of me, they obeyed me.

45(18:43) Children of a straunger haue made a lie vnto me: the heartes of the children of a straunger hath fayled them, and they feared in their strong holdes.

46(18:44) God lyueth, and he is my strength most worthy of blisse: and the Lorde of my saluation ought to be magnified.

47(18:45) It is God that hath geuen me power to take auengeaunce: and he hath subdued the people vnder me.

48(18:46) It is he that is the aucthour of my deliuerie from myne enemies: and he hath set me vp aboue them that rose agaynst me, he hath ridde me from the wicked man.

49(18:47) For this cause I wyll acknowledge thee O God among the gentiles: and syng psalmes vnto thy name.

50(18:48) Who hath wonderfull oft deliuered his kyng: and he hath done mercifully vnto Dauid his annoynted, and vnto his seede for euermore.

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