2 Samuel 22
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David’s Song of Deliverance
(Psalm 18:1–50)

1And Dauid spake the wordes of this song vnto the Lorde, what time the Lorde had delyuered him out of the hand of al his enemies, and out of the hand of Saul.

2And he saide: The Lorde is my rocke, and my castell, and my delyuerer.

3God is my strength, in him will I trust: he is my shielde, and the horne of my saluation, my hie towre, and my refuge, my sauiour, thou hast saued me from wrong.

4I will call on the Lorde which is prayse worthy: and so shall I be saued from myne enemies.

5For the panges of death closed me about: the fludes of Belial put me in feare.

6The sorowes of hell compassed me about, the snares of death ouertoke me.

7In my tribulation did I call vppon the Lorde, and crye to my God: and he dyd heare my voyce out of his temple, and my crye did enter into his eares.

8The earth trembled and quaked: the foundations of heauen moued & shooke when he was angry.

9Smoke went out at his nosthryls, & consuming fyre out of his mouth: coles were kindled thereat.

10And he bowed heauen & came downe: and there was darkenesse vnder his feete.

11And he rode vpon Cherub and did flee: he was seene vppon the winges of the winde.

12He made darknes a tabernacle rounde about him: with waters gathered together in thicke cloudes.

13Through the brightnes of his presence were the coles of fyre kindled.

14The Lorde thundred from heauen: & he that is most hie, put out his voyce.

15He shot arrowes, and scattered them: to wit lyghtning, & ouerthrew them.

16The chanels of the sea appeared: and the foundatios of the world were seene, by the reason of ye rebuking of the Lord, and through the blasting of the breath of his nosthryls.

17He sent from aboue and toke me: he drew me out of many waters.

18He deliuered me from my mightie enemie, and from them that hated me: for they were to strong for me.

19When they had preuented me in the daye of my calamitie: the Lorde stayed me vp.

20For he brought me out into roomth: he deliuered me, because he had a fauour vnto me.

21The Lorde rewarded me according to my righteousnesse: accordyng to the purenes of my hands he recompensed me.

22For I haue kept the wayes of ye Lord: and did not wickedly agaynst my God.

23For all his lawes were in my sight: & his statutes, I did not depart therefro.

24In his sight also haue I ben vpright: and haue kept me from myne owne iniquitie.

25And the Lorde did to me againe according to my righteousnesse: euen after my purenes in his eye sight.

26With the godly thou shalt be godlie: and with the man that is vpright, thou shalt be vpright.

27With the pure thou shalt be pure: and with the froward thou wilt shewe thy selfe froward.

28And the poore people thou wilt saue: but thyne eyes are vpon the proude, to bring them downe.

29For thou art my lyght, O Lorde: and the Lorde shall light my darkenesse.

30For by thee I shall breake through an hoast of men: and by my God wyll I spring ouer a wall.

31God is vncorrupt in his way, the word of the Lord is tryed in the fyre: he is a shielde to all them that trust in him.

32For who is a God saue the Lord? and who is mightie saue our God?

33God strengthneth me in battaile: & ryddeth the way cleare before me.

34He maketh my feete lyke hyndes feete: and setteth me vpon my hie places.

35He teacheth my handes to fight: that euen a bowe of steele is broken with myne armes.

36Thou hast geuen me the shielde of thy saluation: and with thy louing mekenesse thou doest multiplie me.

37Thou hast enlarged my steps vnder me: and my legges shall not faile me.

38I haue folowed vpon myne enemies, and destroyed them: and turned not againe, vntill I had consumed them.

39I haue wasted them, and wounded them, that they shal not be able to aryse: yea, they shall fall vnder my feete.

40Thou hast gyrded me about with might to battayle: and them that rose against me, hast thou subdued vnder me.

41And thou hast geuen me the neckes of myne enemies: that I might destroye them that hate me.

42They loked about, but there was none to saue them: euen vnto the Lorde, but he heard them not.

43Then did I beate them as small as the dust of the earth: I did stampe them as the clay of the streate, and did spreade them abrode.

44Thou also hast deliuered me from the discention of my people, thou hast kept me to be an head ouer nations: the people which I knew not, do serue me.

45Straunge childre dissemble with me: at the hearing of the eare, they obey me.

46Straunge children wil shrinke away: and they shall be smytten with feare in their priuie chamber.

47Let the Lord lyue, and blessed be my strength: magnified be God euen the force of my saluation.

48It is God that geueth me power to reuenge me: & bringeth downe the people vnder me.

49He deliuereth me from myne enemies, thou also hast lyft me on hie from them that rose against me: thou hast delyuered me from the wicked man.

50And therefore I wyll prayse thee O Lorde among the nations: and wyll sing vnto thy name.

51He is the towre of saluation for his king, and dealeth mercyfully with his annoynted: euen with Dauid, and with his seede for euermore.

Bishops' Bible of 1568

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