Psalm 39
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I Will Watch My Ways

1To the chiefe musition Ieduthun, a psalme of Dauid. I sayde to my selfe I wyll take heede to my wayes, that I offende not in my tongue: I wyll kepe my mouth as it were with a brydell, whylest the vngodly is in my syght.

2I became dumbe through scilence, I helde my peace from speakyng of good wordes: but the more was my sorowe increased.

3My heart was hotte within me, and whyle I was thus musyng the fire kyndled: and at the last I spake with my tongue.

4O God make me to knowe mine ende, and the number of my dayes: that I may be certified howe long I haue to lyue.

5Behold thou hast made my dayes as it were an hand breadth long, & mine age is euen as nothing before thee: truely euery man is al together vanitie. Selah.

6Truely man walketh in a vayne shadowe, truely he and all his do disquiet them selues in vayne: he heapeth vp riches, & can not tel who shal vse them.

7And nowe Lord what wayte I after? truely my hope is euen in thee.

8Delyuer me from all my offences: and make me not a rebuke vnto the foolishe.

9I became dumbe, and opened not my mouth: for it was thy doyng.

10Take thy plague away from me: I am euen consumed by the meanes of thy heauy hande.

11Thou doest chasten man, rebukyng him for sinne: thou as a moth doest consume his excellencie, for in very deede euery man is but vanitie. Selah.

12Heare my prayer O God, and geue eares to my crying, holde not thy peace at my teares: for I am a strauger with thee, and a soiourner as all my fathers were.

13Oh spare me a litle, that I may recouer my strength: before I go hence, and be no more seene.

Bishops' Bible of 1568

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